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Our personalized eco-friendly bags are your must for sustainable fashion. Discover all our ecological fabric bags, made with organic cotton, as well as the rest of recyclable foldable bags. Jute bags, canvas, natural cork, recycled kraft paper or hemp, find here your natural raw material and make your trade sustainable, hand in hand with Garrampa. We also have specialized models for pizzerias, as well as ecological bags for transporting bottles of wine or even ecological coolers. Discover your model in the color of your choice: white, pink, orange, green, yellow, black, blue, red... and don't forget to customize them! At Garrampa you have a wide range of eco-friendly bags for shops.

Cheap personalized eco bags

In Garrampa we have all kinds of economical personalized bags but, did you know that we have a section specialized in personalized ecological bags? And a clear example are the tote bags or toiletry bags.our cheap personalized eco-friendly bags are a safe bet for your fashion or food store. You will surprise your customers, in addition to transmitting an ecological message to your partners and suppliers. Because if a business thinks about sustainability, it is a business with a future.Don't hesitate any longer and enter Garrampa's website, place your order for wholesale eco-friendly fabric bags or any other sustainable material. Customize them and replace plastic bags with an eco-friendly shopping bag personalized with your logo and slogan.

Personalized eco paper bags

In white and brown tones, we have different sizes of personalized ecological paper bags. For example, if you run a jewelry store, we understand that you will opt for small eco-friendly bag models; although we also have medium and large cloth bags are very good, because they are very resistant. However, paper eco bags are a very elegant option for all types of businesses. You can customize them with up to 3 different colors, stamp them and print your logo and slogan, because having customized eco-friendly bags is very important for the branding or brand building of a company. Not only will they be more elegant than the plastic ones, but they will denote that ecological and sustainable image so necessary for a business in the XXI century. Do you want to give that image to your customers? Check out Garrampa's personalized eco-friendly bags section.