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Adjustable kitchen aprons and bibs to ensure the cleanliness of employees.The catering aprons you will find in our online store are adapted to the needs of each type of catering task. Protect your pants with our chef's aprons. Personalized catering aprons. Short and long aprons, with and without front pocket. The kitchen apron: an essential piece for cooks, pastry chefs, bakers, butchers... everyone wears an apron. This apron protects the jacket and kitchen pants from dirt. It is a protective accessory that prevents kitchen clothing from being splashed by liquids (sauces, oils, etc.). The kitchen apron can be long or short up to knee height. The bib apron covers the upper part of the body as an extra. They can be worn over the head, as well as fastened at the waist. Find a wide range of chef aprons in our online store at the best prices. Short, long, white or colored, combine according to your needs.

Embroidered chef's aprons

If you care for the cleanliness of your workers when they are at work, protect their clothing with our adjustable waist aprons and bibs, so they can keep intact their professional image and the cleanliness of your business. For the cooks, we have a selection of aprons that cover them completely, and for the wait staff we have a repertoire of adjustable waist bibs so they can cover the pants they wear.

Aprons for kitchen professionals

The image of the staff in the hospitality industry is a very important factor, since the good image of the business depends not only on the decoration of the room, but also on the work clothes of its workers. From Garrampa we complement the work uniforms with these aprons and bibs personalized with the logo of your brand, to mark of professionalism and elegance to the employees. We have a wide variety of colors in each one of the bibs, to adapt to your corporate colors.

Cheap cook and waiter apron. Work aprons for restaurants

Kitchen aprons are a worldwide known garment used and although its use has varied a lot over the years, today it is a garment used indistinctly by men and women. Used by both individuals and professionals, today there are several models of kitchen aprons with designs and colors that can satisfy all tastes. The kitchen apron is not only a useful item that can have several functions. The first one is, of course, to protect the cook's clothes. If we go back a few years ago, the aprons in question - already designed to protect - were only made of a simple fabric that let many stains through. Today there are waterproof models that ensure nothing leaks through and effectively protect your clothing. Some people use it as a glove to remove a pan from the fire or to wipe their hands if they don't have a cloth. As some aprons are designed with very roomy pockets, it can also be used to carry ingredients from one end of the kitchen to the other or anything else you might need.

Custom kitchen and bartender apron

In the professional field of work, the bartender apron can be used as a distinctive element. Thus, it can help a bar or restaurant to differentiate itself from its competitors, and in a world where image is very important, it is a means like any other to stand out or simply to demonstrate its seriousness and professionalism. In garrampa we will find economic kitchen aprons with bibs, which are specially designed to be used by cooks and chefs, as these garments provide total protection for their bodies. On the other hand, waiters usually wear long fitted kitchen aprons or short professional aprons. These kitchen aprons maintain the elegance of the uniform, while still protecting a part that is particularly sensitive to stains, such as the pants. As for the material, kitchen aprons can be 100% cotton or a mixture of cotton and synthetic. Some of the kitchen aprons are characterized by being breathable, waterproof, even in special cases we will find them flame retardant. Although at the beginning the personalized kitchen aprons were exclusive to chefs, nowadays anyone, cooks and chefs, can wear the personalized chef apron. What's more, more and more restaurants are customizing their catering aprons with the name of the establishment or with the name of the employees.

Frequently asked questions about Catering aprons

Long or short aprons, which one should I choose?

Custom length kitchen aprons are the most commonly used in cooking and baking, they are about 60 cm high, protect your pants and are easy to wear over all your clothes. Very quick to put on with the drawstring at the waist, they allow you to perform all your activities in total freedom. Black, white, available in many colors. The 40 cm high apron or short waiter apron is ideal for the summer season, while remaining chic with its touches of color on the pockets. For optimal protection in the preparation area, long catering aprons with a height of 90 to 100 cm will effectively protect you from splashes. Black, white or with colored stripes, they are also available in a two-tone black/burgundy version for indoor service.

What materials are catering aprons made of?

Kitchen aprons, whether they are cook's or waiter's aprons, are products to choose from, in our opinion, in 100% cotton version for professional use. For home use, you can choose between cotton or polyester. Your apron can be customized, whether in cotton, polyester, cotton jacquard or even linen. More than the customization itself, it is the quality of the base material and therefore the quality of the chosen kitchen apron that will have a real influence on the price of your chef apron. Similarly, the color of the apron chosen will be important for customization. Whether it is white, black or another color, you will need to make sure that your logo, text or image is clearly visible and legible on the chosen background color.

What do bib aprons look like?

Eternally elegant, the bib apron protects your outfits from the neckline to the knees. Always with a large low front pocket, usually divided into two compartments, it allows you to store your utensils, pencils or notes as you go about your activities. Combines robustness and ease of use. Quick to put on and take off, it adjusts to the shape of your body thanks to its drawstrings. With or without loops at the waist to adapt to your morphology and to tie at the front or at the back. There is a wide variety of models such as classic, denim cotton jeans, young and casual outfits, with vertical or horizontal colored stripes, Asian style, etc.

How much does a professional kitchen apron cost?

You will find chef's aprons at variable prices and in many colors. For amateur cooks, it is not necessary to opt for professional aprons as it is not worth paying more for occasional use. We offer you a wide range of quality cheap professional kitchen aprons in adult sizes for men and women. As for the color, we offer black and white, but also other colors- We have a customization service to make a unique waiter apron for you, down to the smallest detail. The customization is done in our workshops with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.