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If you've been thinking about updating your hospitality business, we can't think of a better way than our custom hospitality uniforms. Equip your team, providing comfort and presence; while renewing the corporate image of your establishment. In this way, in Garrampa we have different cheap catering uniforms such as our full range of personalized kitchen linen or waiter suits. We want to offer you style and functionality in equal parts. Use our custom catering clothing in your restaurant, cafe, bar or 'gourmand' place. You choose with Garrampa. We have shirts, pants, vests, as well as other accessories such as ties or scarves to complete your personalized hospitality uniform. Also, from our website we offer you different models of aprons for waiters and cooks, kitchen hats, as well as original kitchen jackets (not all are white!). Find here your personalized workwear for the hospitality industry in our wide selection of cook and waiter uniforms Women and men in the catering sector will be fashionable with Garrampa.

Hospitality apparel for restaurants and bars

Do you want to set up a modern establishment at a great price? At Garrampa we have cheap kitchen uniforms, as well as cheap waiters clothing. Hospitality uniforms customized with your logo or text, with which to improve the corporate image of your business and create added value.We are your online hospitality clothing store. In Garrampa we specialize in the manufacture of customizable uniforms for hospitality. We distribute to bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels. And we offer you the best quality at the best price.Buying wholesale catering uniforms is very easy with Garrampa: we have different types of kitchen aprons, cheap waiter vests, chef pants, modern kitchen jackets, among other options. Take a look at our wide variety of models, unisex, male and female, as well as the different colors and finishes, stop by our website now!

Catering clothing for cooks and waiters

At Garrampa we have customized uniforms for cooks and chefs as well as for waiters and maîtres. Take a look at our entire line of restaurant workwear and dress all your workers to match, because if there is one thing we know at Garrampa is that transmitting that feeling of unanimity in hospitality workwear, gives the customer confidence and a good image of your premises. So, in our online store, we only trust the best brands specialized in hospitality workwear. Valento, Roly, Velilla... discover the best quality at Garrampa.For cooks, we have a whole range of modern chef jackets in different colors, pants for working in the kitchen, as well as professional kitchen aprons and a whole line of personalized kitchen hats. Get in Garrampa your cheap kitchen clothes! On the other hand, we have waiter vests, ties, suspenders, shirts and a whole range of waiter pants. Garrampa is your online catering uniforms store.

Waiter and kitchen uniforms for restaurants

Hospitality uniforms are, along with the design of the premises, one of the main factors that a customer observes when he arrives at a bar or restaurant, even before the quality of the food or the service received. The first impression a customer has of a business is a determining factor. For this reason, more and more establishments are deciding to wear personalized kitchen linen (elegant catering uniforms, original and fun kitchen linen...). Nowadays, we can see a lot of cheap kitchen clothing for businesses related to the hospitality industry. Thus, we find from the most elegant kitchen clothes to modern kitchen clothes. However, although fashion is changing, within the personalized kitchen clothing we still have basic garments. At Garrampa we are specialists in cheap catering clothing online. Combine your kitchen suit with one of our original aprons for catering and perform your work in magnificent conditions. Our clothing items have been selected for your protection and comfort during the working day. Garrampa offers you a complete range for interior service waiters. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find the waiter uniform that you like the most. Our uniforms have been selected for their quality of manufacture and their very good value for money. Discover our catering uniforms, the perfect combination of elegance, functionality and comfort. The goal is to have a neat appearance to best serve your customers and convey a good professional image.

Discover the custom chef suits

Among the most used kitchen garments stand out the chef jackets in different colors. Undoubtedly, they are one of the protagonists of custom kitchen uniforms. Traditionally they have been worn in white, although little by little we are seeing new colors or more original prints. Find in Garrampa our designer kitchen jackets, as well as personalized aprons.Did you know that the chef's suit is composed of two pieces? Thus, in our custom kitchen uniforms, we find other catering garments such as kitchen hats or custom pants. You can choose from our selection of chef jackets and pants!The kitchen suit is an indispensable piece for this job, but it is also a distinctive sign to recognize the kitchen professional. The kitchen clothing protects from the heat of the stove and from all kinds of splashes. In addition, it is a piece whose elegance reflects an image of a company that takes care of every detail. A restaurant shows its identity through the customized catering uniform worn by the staff. The fabric, color and cut of the garments are carefully chosen to affirm this authenticity.

Frequently asked questions about Hospitality Uniforms

What materials are the kitchen clothes made of?

Modern hospitality uniforms are looking for new breathable materials and fabrics that are easy to wash and iron. For this reason, at Garrampa we opt first of all for cool max fibers, which allow better breathability and, therefore, greater comfort for cooks.On the other hand, cotton and polyester allow kitchen linen to be more durable and can be machine washed without any problem.

What considerations should I take into account when choosing catering uniforms?

Kitchen apparel and uniforms are no longer simply functional, but become a communication tool in their own right. Therefore, at Garrampa we recommend customizing chef's jackets or waiters' clothing with the logo of your restaurant.And the fact is that, with the development of open kitchens visible to the customer, the kitchen garment becomes an image garment. So, discover our line of original catering clothing, with which in addition to presenting the menu, set the brand personality of the restaurant.

What is today's hospitality apparel like?

Customized catering uniforms have evolved over time. At Garrampa in fact we opt for functional and comfortable designs for your chef's clothing or your waiter's shirt.For example, the traditional 4-hole buttoned jacket has given way to jackets with snap buttons and the classic white chef jacket has become other shades such as black, beige or even green. Likewise, double-breasted jackets have become more modern asymmetrical closures. As for chef pants, the classic houndstooth chef pant is no longer a popular choice. Now, chefs are looking for original chef pants in shades of black or denim style.Kitchen and catering uniforms have been reinvented. At Garrampa we offer you customized uniforms for the hotel and catering business that are totally up to date.

Why buy customized catering uniforms at Garrampa?

In Garrampa's store you will find our extensive catalog of catering clothing online. We have all kinds of garments such as waiter clothes or those designed for cooks or chefs. We adapt to smaller budgets, thanks to our selection of cheap kitchen uniforms. This way, if you are a professional or an apprentice in cooking school or also a student in catering school, you will be able to equip yourself with incredible quality clothing at low prices. Our suits perfectly meet today's hygiene requirements. We have a large selection in terms of models, design, fabrics and colors. At Garrampa we offer you the best brands of hospitality clothing.