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Cheap chef hats are ideal to give a distinctive touch and joy to your kitchen. If you have a glass face to the view, your customers see movement and color in your restaurant will transmit more chef's hats for catering are the perfect complement to your restaurant or catering business, a garment that stands out in the kitchen and can be customized. To maintain impeccable hygiene, our store offers you a selection of chef's hats. An essential element in the hospitality industry, the chef's hat helps to protect culinary preparations from hair loss. Chef's hats and caps also absorb perspiration from the forehead. More than the symbol of a profession, chef's caps and chef's hats meet the cleanliness requirements of the food industry.
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What does the chef's hat mean?

White is considered the best color for chefs, as it symbolizes cleanliness in the kitchen. The hat itself can be used to symbolize the chef's skill. Traditionally, the chef's hat was to have 100 folds, symbolizing 100 different ways to cook an egg.

Why do some chefs wear black?

In most cases, the restaurant will choose the color and style of uniform it wants its chefs and cooks to wear. Black can hide stains and allows establishments to have their chefs work in open kitchens exposed to the eyes of diners.

What models of chef's hats are there?

Toque: The traditional tall hat that is still worn in major hotels, palaces and 4 and 5 star residences around the world.Baseball caps: These types of hats are popular in steakhouses and skew more towards fast food restaurants.Bandanas and bandanas: A popular type of head covering that is often used to keep long hair pulled back, neat and away from the face. They are very popular in the style of street food service and appearance.Caps: They become popular and are mainly used in bakeries and food production units. This is a lightweight and breathable style of cap.Beanie hats: Beanie hats have been slowly entering the professional kitchen in the last 10 years. Skull Caps: Skull caps are a mainstay in most professional kitchens that must wear hats and have been for many years.

What is the function of a chef's hat?

Kitchen and restaurant clothing primarily serves a hygienic function. The chef's cap or chef's hat is also part of this function. They prevent hair from falling into the dishes or preparation. Chefs normally wear a chef's hat. The cap, which is usually of a striking size and shape, represents their authority to their employees. However, with the enormous amount of work a chef can perform, the scarf and cap are slowly beginning to dethrone the classic large chef's hat. They are easier to wear and offer a lot of freedom thanks to their knotted shape directly on the head. More modern, they are revolutionizing the kitchen uniform.

What is the price of chef's hats?

We have in our online store different models and qualities of chef's hats. From the most basic and economical to other kitchen hats of superior quality and better fabrics. Find the price that best fits your budget or consult with our sales department to advise you in choosing your chef hats.

Can chef's hats be customized?

Yes, some models have a large enough marking surface to print your logo or design. For the marking of chef hats we recommend the embroidery technique as it will look better than with other printing techniques. Consult our sales department for advice on how to customize our chef's hats.

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