Personalized chef jackets

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Chef's jackets with the embroidery of your choice, for uniforms for hotel and catering chefs.

Embroidered kitchen jackets for the hospitality industry

Chef's jackets are the perfect complement for the day-to-day work of cooks. With these professional jackets you will be able to have uniforms for all the staff of your catering space, including the cooks. This type of jackets are highly demanded by the usual practice of having the kitchens of your catering space, with the option of being visible to customers. They are technical work jackets that have the option to be customized in any way.

Original chef coats

We have different models to be able to adapt the designs of the uniform of the chefs and cooks of catering to the demands of each space, with a wide catalog of jackets, with different colors, sizes and shapes that you can customize with any embroidery.

Features of the kitchen jackets

the chef jackets have a unique design, designed to protect the cook at all times. Traditional chef jackets have a double layer on the front to hide potential stains on the cook's clothing. The double buttoning helps to protect the cook from fire or frying pans. In garrampa we have different models of kitchen jackets, from economic kitchen jackets to others of higher quality. As for the material, we can find 100% cotton cooking jackets and chef jackets that combine synthetic with cotton. As it has happened with almost all catering garments, although at the beginning kitchen jackets were exclusively white, nowadays we can find original kitchen jackets that combine bright colors and different prints. In garrampa we have fun rocker style kitchen jackets, both men's and women's chef jackets.

Frequently asked questions about Chef jackets

What should I wear to work in a restaurant?

Choose a nice shirt with sleeves (no tank tops). Avoid shirts with designs and logos. Working in a restaurant can lead to spills and stains. If a shirt is dirty, stained or smells bad, be sure to wear another shirt until you can wash the dirty one.

How to choose a uniform for your restaurant?

Creating the right first impression with staff uniforms is an often overlooked way to convert intrigued diners into loyal clientele. You may have the biggest signs, the brightest lights, the best furniture and china, the most sumptuous and delicious dishes, but giving your staff the right look can attract customers and create that all-important perfect first impression.Themed restaurants have an easy job when it comes to creating uniforms for the front desk staff that speak the language of the business; 1950s diners with waitresses on roller skates come to mind.

Can a restaurant have a dress code?

You call the restaurant and ask for suggested attire, but the standard dress code doesn't make it clear what's expected: it just leaves you more perplexed. For the most part, restaurant dress expectations can be organized into five categories: casual, business casual, smart casual, formal or blazer.