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Special high visibility vests for the construction and transport sector, protect yourself and your safety with Garrampa, special reflective vests for the industry and adapted to the safety and labor protection regulations. This type of high visibility vests are an indispensable tool for drivers and construction workers. It is the most widely used garment in terms of safety conditions, as it is the basic level when it comes to being perceived at a distance of at least 50 meters. The reflective safety vest has been specifically designed so that any person in a dangerous environment can be easily located thanks to its color and reflective stripes. Any garment that covers the upper part of the body and fulfills the same mission or has the same characteristics that make it highly visible is also called a safety vest. That is, it must have a fluorescent color and reflective surfaces or stripes, hence its other name: fluorescent vest. Also known as high visibility vest. To fully fulfill its function, it must be worn over all the wearer's clothing. The aim is to make it stand out even from meters away, as well as in the dark. Although commonly referred to as a yellow reflective vest, the color does not really matter.

Cheap reflective vests for companies

We print reflective vests with your logo or brand, ready to be used by the industry and fully adapted to current safety regulations. Our high visibility vests are an indispensable tool in construction, for transport workers and professional drivers. It is the most demanded garment in safety conditions since it allows to be observed up to 50 meters away and in low visibility conditions.

High-visibility yellow vests with your logo

At your disposal in multiple colors: yellow, orange, black or phosphorescent pink with reflective bands, in sizes for adults and children. Indispensable for signaling movements and road works. We have the main brands in the sector, which ensure the highest quality components: Velilla, Result, Yoko, or Valento. Distribute our reflective vests among your work team and colleagues and work in the best conditions. We advise you on sizes and models, consult us.

High visibility vests approved

The reflective vest or high visibility vest is a garment that covers the upper body, the torso. Reflective vests are part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). According to the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), reflective vests are mandatory when a person leaves the car and occupies the shoulder of interurban roads. In addition, the use of reflective vests is also recommended for cyclists, as they are often difficult to see due to the lack of light or excessive sunlight. Another use of reflective vests is in the workplace. The professionals who should wear a reflective vest are all those who work on the road, on the construction site or in those jobs that, when carried out at night, pose a certain risk to the worker. Currently, there are several safety classes. The class 2 type is worn by people who are or work in a high-traffic area, in bad weather conditions or in a hazardous environment. The fluorescent vest, which is yellow or orange in color, is worn over clothing or uniform. It is made for experienced workers in construction, road traffic, natural or man-made disaster management and other public services, among others. The class 3 reflective vest is for people who work in dark or busy areas or in extreme weather conditions that may endanger their lives.

Orange or yellow reflective vests for work.

The material for reflective vests has to be fluorine, as this material allows reflecting daylight. In addition, it has to have retro-reflective stripes on it that concentrates low light from night or dark backgrounds. This allows workers to be seen more easily and earlier. The public safety vest is worn by police officers, ambulance attendants, Ministry of Transportation officials and others. For police officers, the vest is blue, ambulance attendants wear a green vest, and firefighters - public safety personnel - wear a red vest so that they can be clearly distinguished. As for the cheap yellow vest, it is for people who manage or direct traffic or security services during special events. Motorcyclists can also use it when driving at night or in bad weather.

Frequently asked questions about Reflective vests

Why do you need a high visibility safety vest?

For safety: high visibility safety vests are often the only way for workers to be seen in workplaces where visibility is hampered or lighting is poor. Identification: High-visibility vests also help distinguish people who should be at a particular job site and those who are not authorized. Branding: These safety vests also have ample space for the company to place its logo.

How do safety vests work?

The safety vest is a piece of portable safety equipment made of vinyl, polyester or some other durable or waterproof material. These vests come in bright neon colors such as yellow, orange and green. These colors are abnormally bright and help provide a strong contrast to the background. This means that the person wearing it can easily be seen. Some vests also come with highly reflective strips that increase the person's visibility in low light conditions. This is very important if you are working in potentially hazardous conditions. For example, if you are working on a construction site and a heavy equipment operator cannot see, it can lead to terrible accidents. That's why it's important that you wear safety gear like this.

When to wear a hi-visibility safety vest?

High-visibility clothing should be worn in any construction zone where vehicles are operating. This also applies to drivers when exiting their vehicle. High-visibility clothing is usually a tank top, but it can be anything that makes it clear that the person on the construction site can be seen.

What kind of high visibility safety vest do I need?

Class 1 safety vests are worn by people working in low-risk environments, where there is still a danger of accidents and injuries. Class 2 safety vests are worn in higher-risk locations, including on roads where traffic is moving at a maximum of 80 km/h (50 mph). Class 3 safety vestsClass 3 safety vests are worn by people working in high-risk environments where speed and heavy traffic are common.

Why buy reflective vests from garrampa?

We offer high-visibility vests with an unbeatable price-performance ratio: Our models are cheap, professional-quality high-visibility vests. Discover our full range of high visibility clothing at garrampa to complete a high visibility workwear. We have a wide variety of colors of fluorescent vests such as red, yellow, orange, pink, blue etc..

Can reflective vests be customized?

Yes, the high visibility vests can be customized by means of screen printing or embroidery techniques. The most common positions to customize the reflective vest are on the left shield or on the back where there is a great visibility as there is a wide marking area to customize the reflective vests.