Customized Reflective work wear with your logo

Ensuring the safety of workers is our top priority. For this reason, we offer you this line of reflective workwear personalized with your logo, so that the worker will be visible, avoiding possible dangerous situations in the work environment. Our reflective uniforms are synonymous with safety and prevention. At Garrampa we have all kinds of high visibility garments: cheap reflective vests, high visibility pants, t-shirts, sweaters, polo shirts; in addition to different models of reflective jackets. In our online store you will also find polar fleece linings, overalls, shirts and customized reflective softshell. Not to mention, our full range of high visibility caps. High visibility workwear is essential in different industries, as well as in jobs related to traffic, cranes or municipal cleaning staff, among others. Especially since these are night jobs. Discover in this section all our high visibility workwear in yellow, red or fluorescent orange.

Fluorescent high visibility workwear

Check out our wide range of reflective workwear and keep your employee visible and safe at all times. Our garments with reflective strips for clothing allow the wearer of the garment to be visible at all times. No matter the weather or the schedule, workers wearing our reflective workwear personalized with your logo can perform their work safely and without running risks with the rest of the team members, because the functionality in this type of workwear is crucial and we take that into account in Garrampa. We comply with current standards EN ISO 20471 or EN 471, preserving high visibility in the workplace. The orange, red or fluorescent yellow colors allow full visibility, so that the wearer is distinguished from a great distance. In addition, our high visibility workwear varies according to weather conditions and hazards.Thanks to our incredible quality, we customize your reflective workwear with your logo in the design of your choice. And if you need advice... you can also talk to us! Discover Garrampa's online catalog.

Reflective clothing for work

At Garrampa we have a wide range of reflective workwear at incredible prices. The purpose of our garments with reflective bands for clothing is the protection of the user, that this is marked with total clarity; in addition to offering comfort and comfort during your workday.Discover all reflective vests, as well as our entire line of high visibility pants. In addition, to combat the cold, we have high-visibility jackets and a whole selection of reflective fleece, among others. Customize with Garrampa your reflective garments with your brand logo. We have a wide variety of high visibility garments. Compose your complete uniform of reflective safety clothing. Enter now in our online store!

High visibility clothing and homologated reflective safety clothing

There are 3 different kinds of high visibility clothing. They are numbered from 1 to 3 according to their visibility. For each class, the standard dictates the area and location of fluorescent, reflective and contrasting materials. Class 3: The total fluorescent area consists of at least 0.8 m2 and 0.10 m2 of reflective material. Class 3 high-visibility workwear is made for high-risk outdoor work such as on the edge of a highway, the outside of a building, an unfenced house or a construction site. Class 2: The total fluorescent area must be greater than or equal to 0.5 m² and that of the reflective material must be at least 0.13 m². Class 2 high-visibility uniforms are made for working outdoors, on or around a fenced and bounded construction site. Class 1: The total fluorescent surface must be at least 0.14 m² and 0.10 m² of reflective material. Class 1 high-visibility workwear is made for night work indoors, in offices or homes. The products offered by Garrampa online store meet the ISO 20471 standard to ensure the safety of workers.

Cheap reflective high visibility uniforms for work

We have reflective workwear, so you don't have to give up going safe at work. Visibility is crucial to avoid accidents at work. In our wide catalog of reflective workwear personalized with your logo you will find a great variety in prices so that, yes or yes, it fits your budget. Choose your high visibility workwear at affordable prices and customize it with your company logo or leave it unmarked.Customizing high visibility clothing is really easy, even if it has fluorescent elements, it can also be marked with your company logo, your design or a slogan. Just browse Garrampa's online catalog, tell us what you need and the quantity and we will take care of manufacturing your customized hi-visibility clothing. Do not modify, cut or remove the reflective or fluorescent sections. If you want to customize your high visibility workwear with your company logo or the function of each worker, make sure not to hide the luminous bands, not even by a few millimeters.

Frequently asked questions about High visibility

Can hi-visibility clothing be washed?

Yes, you can wash your high-visibility clothing in the washing machine. When machine washing, you can use a mild detergent, but not bleach or fabric softener. In addition, we recommend that you try to avoid washing reflective products with other clothing, such as your work jeans or any clothing with rough fabric or edges. The microscopic glass beads in the retro-reflective heat transfer film can be abraded by the rough texture.

Why is it necessary to wear hi-visibility clothing?

This type not only makes it easier for motorists to see workers at night, but also makes them more visible to drivers during the day. For example, our high-visibility workwear is perfect for when inclement weather poses a problem (fog, rain, etc.). High visibility clothing reduces the risk of accidents and improves overall safety.

What is high visibility class 3 KW?

First of all, all high-visibility clothing must comply with EN ISO 20471 safety standards. High-visibility clothing certified to EN 20471 is classified according to 3 protection classes, depending on the volume of fluorescent and retroreflective surface. Thus, class 3 is the highest level of high visibility classification and these products require a minimum of 0.8m² of fluorescent material and 0.2m² of reflective tape. In turn, the lowest visibility class refers to class 1 high visibility clothing. They are therefore recommended for occasional use or when the risk is minimal. Likewise, Class 2 high-visibility clothing is suitable when working near traffic flows at moderate speeds. Finally, class 3 high visibility clothing is preferable when working on the road or at high speeds. At Garrampa's online store we cover all classes of protection so that you can design your reflective workwear customized with your logo and successfully fulfill its purpose.

Why buy hi-visibility clothing at Garrampa?

We are an online store that has a wide selection of high visibility workwear certified EN 20471 so you can equip yourself with total safety and in compliance with current legislation.At Garrampa, we have selected the best brands specialized in reflective workwear. Discover our wide range of high visibility uniforms in yellow, orange or fluorescent red to be visible day and night.In this category you will find different models of high visibility unisex workwear: both high visibility clothing for men and high visibility workwear for women, and at incredible prices! Whatever your budget, in our online store you will find your reflective workwear personalized with your logo, discover the best quality-price ratio, as well as functionality and comfort at an advanced level, take a look at our website now!

In what situations is it advisable to wear reflective workwear?

Depending on your work environment, you have at your disposal different types of high visibility workwear. It all depends on your needs. Indeed, if you work outdoors, we propose you our reflective uniforms adapted to the season: we have light clothing designed for the summer with UV protection! You can also protect yourself from the cold in winter by wearing high-visibility warm clothing. In addition, for the rain, we have in Garrampa waterproof reflective high visibility workwear that will protect you from water and humidity.At Garrampa we know that some work sectors are required to comply with high visibility standards, as well as to cover other risks such as ATEX zones. Therefore, you will also find high visibility ATEX clothing to suit your needs. Finally, we have high visibility anti-cut clothing, as well as high visibility vests, perfect for construction workers. Enter Garrampa's online catalog and get your reflective workwear customized with your logo.

What kind of garments will you find in our reflective work clothing?

At Garrampa, we have different types of high visibility clothing, fulfilling different tasks and needs. In addition to jackets for different risk professions, here you will find fluorescent work caps for hot days, especially if you are going to be outdoors for a long time. On the other hand, for those who work outdoors, you will find work caps to protect you from the cold, yellow or orange fluorescent vests, work shorts, long or short-sleeved T-shirts, parkas, overalls or gowns with fluorescent colors, etc.