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High visibility pants for industry and construction, with reflective bands and combinable pockets.

High visibility pants for companies

Special safety pants, in bright and fluorescent colors, especially for low light conditions, hazardous environments, construction sites and construction. We recommend that you opt for high visibility pants if your team works in industrial or low light activities that may put their safety at risk, protect them with quality reflective pants in one or more colors, depending on the uniform. We will advise you on models and sizes without obligation.

High visibility work pants

Our reflective professional pants are designed to withstand heavy use. Their smooth knit inner lining is anti-chafing and allows freedom of movement. The reflective tapes of the models we offer are placed at shin level to easily signal body movement. They have multiple reinforced pockets for storing tools and daily objects. Composition: twill, adjustable waist, with and without pockets.