Personalized scrub jackets for nursing, veterinary or aesthetics

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Sanitary scrub jackets for healthcare and cleaning staff, with the possibility of being customized with your company logo.Sanitary scrub jackets are one of the most commonly used garments by doctors, surgeons, nurses and other hospital staff members. The medical scrub coat is adopted in many healthcare related professions and in the hairdressing and esthetics professions. This short-sleeved workwear offers great freedom of movement. Some models can be combined with matching medical pants. Depending on their cut, our scrub jackets are suitable for women, men or for unisex use. They are available in various back lengths from 75 to 85 centimeters. Available from size XS to XXXL depending on the model, they adapt to all morphologies.

Scrub jackets for nurses and doctors

We have scrub jackets for the uniform of health personnel and cleaning staff. These uniforms can be embroidered and personalized with the logo of any company or the name of the worker wearing the uniform. They are made with materials that make the work clothes comfortable and with the possibility of free movement, since the dimensions of these work clothes allow width and comfort.

Sanitary jackets for clinics and hospitals

These sanitary garments are made of materials that insulate the body from the external environment while being breathable. The sanitary jackets have thicker materials, as they are intended to withstand the chemicals with which they work. We have a wide variety of colors for any of the jackets, with the possibility of plain or striped designs.

Job coats for nurses and hairdressers

The sanitary jackets are usually accompanied by a pair of pants, thus forming the complete sanitary pajamas, however, it is possible to buy them separately. It is also possible to use women's scrub jackets or customized men's scrub jackets, so that they have an original touch that distinguishes you among your coworkers. Personalized scrub jackets mean more comfort in the upper body. As part of a hospital uniform, scrub jackets should convey to the patient the safety and hygiene they need to feel comfortable during their stay there. Knowing that hygiene is paramount at work, your scrubs should always remain clean. It is therefore preferable to opt for an outfit that is easy to wash and does not deteriorate quickly. Some professions require the use of work clothes for reasons of hygiene or protection. These uniforms must be worn every day and it is preferable to feel comfortable in them. In fact, there is no standard for beauty salon and hairdresser jackets. Therefore, you have a great freedom of choice.

White, blue and red scrubs. Aesthetic scrub jackets

You will find the classic white scrub jackets and pastel colors (blue, green, red etc.). But for a more modern and dynamic look, dare to use more defined colors, such as fuchsia, turquoise, apple green, charcoal or black. The scrub jackets allow ample freedom of movement as they are independent of the lower part of the uniform. They are equipped with pockets to carry at all times the necessary utensils for efficient and fast patient care. It is possible to customize scrubs in a wide range of colors. In addition to the identification card, you can be recognized by your personalized scrub coat with your name on it. Most jackets have exceptional technical qualities: softness, strength, elasticity and breathability. Their high moisture and odor absorption capacity is a deterrent to the development of bacteria. In addition to all these technical and aesthetic qualities, our jackets offer a very good quality/price ratio.

Frequently asked questions about Sanitary jackets

What models of scrubs are there?

There is a wide range of models of V-neck medical gowns. Nurse, nursing assistant, dentist or physiotherapist, whatever your role in the medical field, you have the possibility to opt for a medical gown as workwear. It is a perfect garment that meets all the requirements of the hospital dress code. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and cuts, the V-neck scrub coat is also available in our online store. Man or woman, you will be spoilt for choice among the numerous models we present in our catalog. In addition to the classic white scrub tunic, you can opt for more elegant and original models, which are also suitable for all events.

What materials are the scrubs made of?

They are made of fabrics designed for industrial laundering and resistant materials for all types of medical professional clothing. Standardized, our garments are comfortable and, above all, adapted to your profession. Cotton will allow you to be comfortable and feel good when in contact with your skin. They are made from fabrics of exceptional quality. The fabrics are selected for their resistance. Therefore, our medical jackets can perfectly withstand industrial washing, as well as being an excellent protective barrier in the performance of your duties in the medical environment.

Can scrubs be customized?

Of course, we offer our service of personalization of your coat with embroidery or silk-screen printing. Just send us your text or logo when ordering and we'll take care of the rest. With embroidered printing, the health jacket has a higher quality finish than with screen printing. The scrub jackets can also be customized with color combinations to match your clinic's corporate image. Our sizing guide is also available at all times to help you make the right choice of a V-neck scrub coat to suit your morphology and your work in the hospital setting.

Are scrubs for nurses comfortable?

Our models can fit both men and women. Our jackets also offer an excellent level of comfort, as they are manufactured in strict compliance with current standards. In addition, you can choose the type of fabric that suits you best, such as polyester cotton combined with elastic fabrics.