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We know that health comes first, that's why our custom healthcare uniforms are made of the best materials to perform their profession in an optimal way. We have models of uniforms for both health workers (such as lab coats or dentist clothes), as well as for the cleaning staff of hospitals and health centers. We are committed to comfortable and tailor-made healthcare workwear. Sanitary uniforms and pajamas are essential in the daily life of workers in hospitals, pharmacies, dental clinics or veterinarians. The sanitary clothes can be both in pieces and full body. We have pants, jackets, sanitary jackets, as well as customized gowns. Our uniforms for health personnel are synonymous with comfort. In Garrampa we have a wide range of garments to create economic sanitary uniforms. Discover your medical suits from the best brands in the market.

Personalized clothing for clinics and hospitals

Check out all our customizable scrubs: gowns, scrub coats, full scrubs, caps, pajamas and much more! For both men and women, we seek to meet the needs of these professionals in the hospital and personal services sector. Discover our customized clinic and hospital clothing, highlights nurses, doctors, nursing assistants, midwives, beauticians, cleaning staff... the options are many!At Garrampa we always look for the highest quality at competitive prices. Let your dentist uniform or your nurse jacket be comfortable, pleasant and functional, as well as economical. Most of our healthcare clothing is made of natural fibers, which provide breathability and are easy to brand with your logo, so you can personalize your nurse's gowns or medical jackets, allowing you to identify the professional and his or her performance. At Garrampa we dress cleaning and healthcare professionals with quality garments. Here we assure you comfort.

Uniforms for nurses and doctors

We know that hygiene is synonymous with health and, therefore, using specific sanitary uniforms is indispensable for these health professionals. We are referring to health professionals such as pharmacists, laboratory technicians, dentists, physiotherapists, doctors, nurses...And in Garrampa we have a wide range of personalized health uniforms of all kinds: pharmacist uniforms, health jackets for emergency services, dentist clothing, white lab coats, clothing for nurses, and so on. So now you know, if you are looking for a comfortable workwear for your working day at the hospital, in Garrampa you will find all kinds of garments. We offer you personalized advice so that you can choose a current and optimal uniform for your clinic and differentiate it with your logo.

Medical scrubs and pharmacy uniforms

Sanitary uniforms protect professionals and, therefore, patients from possible infections that may occur in the workplace. Healthcare pajamas should be kept clean and washed as often as necessary. In addition, personalized healthcare clothing will allow patients to quickly distinguish each professional in an emergency. The main advantages of using our customized medical uniforms are: safety, comfort and professionalism. First of all, safety for both patients and doctors in order to avoid contagion. Also, the comfort offered to all professionals to perform their work properly. Finally, the seriousness and professionalism they transmit to patients, giving them confidence. Customizing healthcare clothing for nurses or other healthcare professionals can give a closer image to the patient. On occasions, we have seen how surgeons use customized healthcare uniforms, with very cheerful colors, when they are going to treat children, for example. The quick differentiation of professionals in a hospital in case of need. The existence of cheap healthcare uniforms that meet all the properties required by such an important garment.

Doctor's clothing and wardrobe for clinics and hospitals

Depending on the work space or the category of the work, we will need to wear different types of healthcare uniforms to work. With Garrampa you can dress the staff of your hospital or clinic with medical clothing with a very good quality-price ratio.We have a wide range of clothing for doctors at the best price, several models that will meet your expectations. The clothing is modernized and the cuts evolve to combine comfort and aesthetics. Our sanitary clothing is perfect for doctors, patients, pharmacists and even cleaning staff.The sanitary pajamas are the easiest option for hospital staff: from nurses to assistants, through the orderlies. You can purchase these Velilla and other brands of scrubs separately or purchase the entire uniform. We also have complements for the personalized sanitary uniforms, providing a touch of color. Our scrubs are comfortable and adapted to your profession. For our medical clothing and pants, we prefer the polyester and cotton blend that makes it easy for you to take care of your medical clothing and also keeps its appearance all day long. The scrubs are available in different colors to match how you want.

Frequently asked questions about Healthcare

What materials are used for sanitary pajamas?

The fabric of the nursing clothing is designed for maximum comfort, durability and maintenance of the uniform. Sanitary pajamas are made of quality fabrics such as 100% cotton, so they are easy to wash and very resistant to industrial maintenance. For our customized sanitary scrubs, we prefer polyester and cotton blend which makes it easy for you to take care of your scrubs. Most of our healthcare workwear is made of poly/cotton, poly/rayon, poly/spandex and poly/viscose.This way, at Garrampa we get the best of natural raw material and synthetic fabrics, easy to maintain, they are usually wrinkle resistant and their colors last much longer.

What care and maintenance are necessary for sanitary uniforms?

Our sanitary suits are easy to maintain. In Garrampa we know the importance of hygiene and more in a work environment such as the sanitary. Therefore, you can wash and dry at high temperature without damaging our custom scrubs. However, to successfully sanitize your dentist's coat, for example, you will have to take into account the following: the washing temperature, the washing method (industrial or domestic) and the frequency of washing.

How are customized scrubs made to measure?

At Garrampa we carry out custom tailoring, since we know that this is the ideal way to personalize medical uniforms or cheap lab coats for your clinic, hospital, doctor's office or health service. Thus, in Garrampa's team we customize your medical pajamas in Zaragoza, using different printing techniques: the printing and embroidery of the name or personalized labels.Discover in our online catalog our original medical uniforms and customize them with your name or the name of your team, department or specialty.

Why buy customized scrubs at Garrampa?

In our Garrampa online store you can buy your complete medical uniforms directly. Thanks to our wide range of healthcare clothing, you will be able to get cheap and high quality healthcare pajamas for women or men. We have carefully selected each of our references so that they can meet your professional requirements. Thus, with our original scrubs you can get the best professional medical clothing, ideal for different scenarios: hospitals, pharmacies, clinics... So now you know, in Garrampa we have a wide range of scrubs or gowns. Our customized scrubs are available in different fabrics, cuts, brands and colors.

Do you have different models of cheap scrubs for men and women?

Yes, we have all kinds of original sanitary pajamas or medical gowns -among others- for men and women. Get your nurse uniform or your nurse uniform, both are perfectly adapted to the morphology of each body. Our sanitary workwear is very comfortable, offers great freedom of movement and is designed to exercise the profession with total comfort. Find, among others, medical jackets adaptable to all body types and super practical and pleasant. In addition, on Garrampa's website we offer unisex medical clothing for all types of medical personnel in your health establishment.

How much do scrub pajamas cost?

First of all, we have a wide variety of cheap medical pajamas, adaptable to all budgets. In our online catalog, you can buy the pajamas together or separately, you choose if you want to combine different colors! What are you waiting for to take a look at these custom scrubs? Choose one of our sanitary jackets and combine it with your sanitary trousers of your choice, and within your budget! At Garrampa we offer you an incredible quality-price ratio. Discover our selection of cheap sanitary workwear and very economical white medical pants. You can even complete your professional hospital attire with other accessories and clothing accessories if you wish.