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Medical gowns, especially for healthcare and cleaning professionals to be branded or embroidered with your logo, are an indispensable item in hospital work. Although they have always been a hallmark of doctors, nowadays there are also gowns for healthcare patients, pharmacists, dentists or even cleaning staff that protect them from possible infections that can occur in an environment like this. Whether you work in the health, beauty and esthetics, industrial or hospitality sectors, among others, you should always wear a work, sanitary or medical gown. The white medical gown has been used for many years. Obviously, it has evolved over time. In the early days it was made of a heavy fabric to withstand frequent washing, but today manufacturers prefer lighter materials, such as polyester and cotton, for ease of use and care. The sanitary gown can be worn over other garments, as is logical. It can be long or short sleeved, depending on the activity. However, it should not exceed the knees so as not to hinder the user's movements. It is generally used for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness. To make it easy to put on and take off, it also has several eyelets on the front or side.

Customized gowns for pharmacies with your logo

Special gowns for healthcare and cleaning professionals, available in unisex or tailored models, easy to embroider with the name of the healthcare professional or with the clinic or company logo. We have models for pharmacists, nurses, doctors and cleaners, ensuring the optimum quality and hygiene required for these jobs. Let our team advise you and bet on our comfortable sanitary gowns.

Cheap sanitary gowns for clinics and hospitals

Coats are the star garment in sanitary environments or those related to cleaning and hygiene. It is a very visible part of the uniform of these professionals, and from Garrampa we take care of making it different with customization. You will find the most prominent brands in workwear to be marked on the sides and / or pockets, which will provide that touch of distinction ideal for your work.

Pharmacy and teacher scrubs

Personalized scrubs for doctors and physicians can help distinguish the professional by more than just their name badge. These embroidered medical gowns will bring a touch of distinction to the wearer, as well as allowing them to attend to their work with the comfort and commitment that should always characterize them. The advantages of using personalized medical gowns are the following: Medical gowns are resistant garments since they have to withstand continuous washing to be disinfected. On the white color, stains that can be dangerous for the doctor or patient are easily identified. These sanitary gowns are ergonomic and are adapted for greater comfort. The white color also repels heat that can occur in hospitals, in rooms where heat is concentrated. The medical gowns have pockets to store the utensils that may be needed at any time. Currently, there are three types of gowns for different uses. - The professional gown, which is a solid-colored gown, is the work attire of doctors, nurses and beauticians. - The school gown, which serves as a uniform for teachers. - The domestic service gown, usually sleeveless and with printed fabrics. Each profession or field of activity has its own limitations. Therefore, the work suit must be adapted to them. In other words, the work coat must meet the expectations of the job as well as those of the wearer. In the healthcare sector, for example, the medical gown primarily fulfills a protective function, as it acts as a barrier between possible bacteria and the body. This reduces the risk of contamination. The same is true when the professional works in a laboratory. Wearing a white chemical gown is important because it prevents direct contact with chemicals. Unintentional spraying of chemicals can cause burns or skin irritations.

Custom gowns for hairdressers and nurses

Sanitary gowns must be able to withstand high temperatures in the washing machine, as it is very important to be able to disinfect them as many times as necessary. Therefore the best sanitary gowns will be made of polyester or cotton. In addition, they should allow the wearer to run in case of emergencies and move easily to properly care for patients. Medical gowns can be either short-sleeved or long-sleeved, depending on the comfort or degree of protection that each position requires. For example, a dentist would wear short sleeves so as not to hinder his work, while a lab technician would wear long sleeves to protect his arms. Personalized medical gowns will help you to make patients feel well cared for in the hospital, which is, after all, one of the most important things in this job. In garrampa we have cheap medical gowns that will make hospital professionals dress properly for the lowest possible price. The white color of the gown certainly means hygiene, purity and softness. It reflects a healthy environment. With this color, dirt can be quickly identified. To optimize maintenance, washing with bleach is highly recommended, as it is not only very effective, but also does not run the risk of damaging the fabric. In some cases, gray, black and blue are also used. The first two represent sobriety, seriousness and authority. As for blue, it is generally the color of the man's work coat in the office. In any case, the choice of colors depends mainly on each company.

Frequently asked questions about Sanitary gowns

What are the characteristics of a lab coat?

In general, the lab coat is a white lab coat made of cotton or polyester blend, which is usually used in a chemistry laboratory as a work coat for chemists or in physical chemistry classes during practical work, for example. The white lab coat has been designed to allow its user to perform all types of movements, from the simplest to the most complex maneuvers in complete safety. The wearer never feels too tight or has the impression of wearing a garment that is too loose. They should have a turn-down collar, long set-in sleeves that guarantee perfect freedom of movement, press studs, industrial wash, four large pockets, including two lower pockets, a breast pocket and an inside pocket.

How do I choose a lab coat or pharmacy coat?

When buying your gown for a pharmacy there are a few things to keep in mind. In addition to providing you with absolute comfort, it is imperative to guarantee you great freedom of movement. Here are some crucial points not to be neglected in this regard. You must choose your pharmacy gown according to your morphology. You must choose a model that perfectly covers your clothes. Whatever the cut that suits you, always check that safety standards are respected. Prefer a gown whose sleeve effectively covers your forearms, but does not protrude into the palm of your hand. Next, make your choice in favor of gowns with snap fasteners. They are easy to close and unbutton in an emergency. Avoid synthetics and prefer cotton, as it offers maximum protection against fire and flammables.

Why buy lab coats for nurses or health workers?

The medical gown is the garment par excellence in the medical and nursing sector. In fact, it is what differentiates the caregiver from the patient. Today, the medical gown is still highly acclaimed compared to other uniforms, as suits are still highly codified, especially in the hospital setting. Moreover, medical gowns have the advantage of being suitable for all body types.

What models of gowns do you have for doctors?

At garrampa, you can choose from gowns of different lengths. You can also choose the sleeves. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a medical gown with short sleeves or a gown with long sleeves. We have selected for different fabrics to meet the needs of all healthcare professionals, including 100% cotton and polyester-cotton gowns. You can also choose the color. You will find a wide range of white medical gowns: unisex models, women's medical gowns and men's gowns. You can also choose colored medical gowns to satisfy your desire for color. Finally, to respect the budget for your professional wardrobe, you can find many models of medical gowns at low prices, with a very good quality/price ratio.