Custom Event Wristbands

Personalized wristbands to be identified at different events and trade fairs.
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  1. RFX™ Hitz reflective safety slap wrap
    Slap wraps provide 360° visibility in the dark and are ideal for carrying promotional messages. By using these certified slap wraps you make traffic safety a feature of your brand. A slap wrap is an elongated reflector with a specially developed spring welded inside. With a light slap it easily curls around the arm or ankle. Available in various sizes, and in white or yellow colour. Features a florescent RFX™ soft reflective film made from phthalate free PVC or the more sustainable option TPU. Materials have been tested in accordance with SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) REACH candidate list and are free of phthalates. The slap wraps are CE tested and approved in accordance with EN 13356: 2001 Type 2. Made in Europe.
    Price from €1.14 /unit
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Why give personalized wristbands as a gift?

Personalized wristbands are cheap gifts with bright colors that are very useful to organize and manage access in tourist villages, swimming pools, amusement parks and water parks, or to differentiate tickets in specific areas of an event, a concert or a nightclub. Promotional bracelets are perfect personalized accessories to give to young people, because once they wear your colorful bracelet they will leave it on their wrist for several days, and thus will continue to advertise your brand.

Which model of promotional wristbands to choose?

In our collection you will find different models of wristbands gifts, so you can choose the color and model that best suits your needs: tyvek wristbands with adhesive closure marked with a unique number; advertising wristbands with USB cables to connect smartphones and tablets; personalized silicone wristbands and fabric wristbands that can be customized with your logo.

How are promotional wristbands customized?

All of our promotional wristbands have an imprint area that extends horizontally for almost the entire length of the wristband, making them perfect for personalizing with a small phrase, date or name. Fabric wristbands are customizable with sublimation, which means you can decorate your wristband with the graphics of your choice. Then we have a special model, the Custom Wristband that you can make to your liking: you can choose the color shade you prefer for the wristband, indicating the desired pantone code, and the printing technique, choosing between silk-screen printing, other relief and neutral or colored bas-relief.

What are the delivery times for custom wristbands online?

Times may vary according to the quantity you order and the model. Generally, production and delivery times vary from 12 to 21 working days, starting from the approval of the proof. However, there are some wristbands for promotional events that have much faster turnaround times, ranging from 7 to 10 business days, such as the Tyvek wristband and all advertising wristbands with Express in the name.

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