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At Garrampa we have at your fingertips all kinds of promotional pens and personalized advertising pens to give away with your logo. The best advertising possible! Personalized pens have always been one of the most common items among corporate objects. Ideal for the promotion of a business, as you will create a direct relationship with the customer. Who doesn't need a pen? That's why the gift of a personalized pen at fairs or events is a great help to extend the presence of a brand.customize pens for corporate gifts is very easy: go directly to our website with the design you like or with your logo. Discover the different colors, materials and models as, for example, the custom pens with case. And if you prefer, send us an email explaining how you want your cheap custom pens and we will give you a quote with virtual sample so you can see how your custom pen looks like.

Screen printed promotional pens

Plastic pens, gel and roller pens, multifunction pens, fountain pens...We can certainly say that we are experts in pens. And the fact is that pens in advertising are the most used object. In fact, surely you have drawers crammed with promotional pens, but, what if you could surprise your customers with a different, attractive pen that they would always want to carry in their wallet?We can do that for you. We have a wide catalog of personalized pens for companies, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Do you prefer a classic line in metal or are you looking for a more eco-friendly pen, like the ones we have in cork? Advertising pens in Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia with express deliveriesToday cheap personalized pens are one of the most popular office items among companies, because they allow you to publicize your brand and promote it in the easiest way there is. In addition, these cheap custom pens can function as advertising pens or promotional pens by handing them out at meetings, inaugurations, different business events, etc. Apart from the above mentioned functions, cheap personalized pens can be created as cheap pens to give as gifts, because it is very common to order some cheap pens and personalize them with both the company logo and the name of the person to whom it is given as a gift. Personalized pens have always been one of the most common items among the corporate devices used by companies to advertise. Who doesn't need a pen? That's why giving away a plastic or any other type of pen at trade shows or events helps extend your brand's presence. Customizing your giveaway campaign pens is as simple as it is for all of our other products. You can do it directly on our website with the design of your choice or with your logo. But if you prefer, send us an email explaining how you want it and we will give you a quote with a virtual sample so you can see how your personalized pen will look like. The most important thing is that you will have your advertising pens in Zaragoza Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia in the time you need. Wherever and whenever you need your advertising pen.

Promotional pens for companies

Are you looking for cheap advertising pens? From Garrampa, we offer factory price for all our writing accessories, so you can buy wholesale, the pens with the cheapest price on the market. Find all our different corporate pens: pens made with bamboo, laser engraving, flexible, elegant, etc., as there are for all occasions, since any time is good to offer the pen with your brand. People always carry a pen with them or lend it to their acquaintances, do not miss the opportunity to promote your brand!

Frequently asked questions about Personalized pens

Why buy advertising pens at Garrampa?

Garrampa is the first online store of cheap personalized pens We are one of the best pen companies in Spain. As a supplier of personalized pens we offer you a wide range of high quality writing accessories. Our advertising pens for companies are made of plastic, metal and wood, with customization of logos or promotional texts, they can be yours or for whoever you want! In fact, our personalized pens are perfect for gifts, no matter if you write to us from a company, association or individual. Our delivery is fast and secure; moreover, the quotation and estimates are processed online. Have you ever thought about personalized pens as a gift? Discover our wide range.

How to choose a personalized pen?

At Garrampa we are the ideal place, where to buy personalized pens. Pens for promotional purposes, for companies, weddings or congresses... in our store, you can choose your personalized pen with name, according to your needs. To begin with, for those offices that decide to go for sustainability; we have different personalized ecological pens, which have been manufactured with sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, cardboard, paper or corn starch. Perfect for providing an eco-friendly and responsible communication approach for your company.Also, if you are looking for personalized pens for wedding witnesses (a gift that can be very intimate), we have all kinds of pens made from elegant materials such as leather, wood, fabric and plastic. On the other hand, aluminum or metal advertising pens are very resistant to scratching; they are also available in a wide variety of shapes and colors at very affordable prices, ready to be silk-screened with your logos for corporate gifts. Personalized plastic pens are also perfect for bulk orders for large promotional campaigns. This is an easy type of pen for the stamping of a logo or text, whose cost is very low. Discover your cheap advertising pen now.Remember: Garrampa's original customized pens have an original design and are different from each other, to find the ideal advertising object.

How can I order pens in small quantities?

At Garrampa we make it easy for you: if you want to order pens for business gifts or personalized pens for gifts, you can choose the quantity that best suits your needs. From small to large quantities; in our online store you can buy corporate pens, starting from 100 units. Choose them as you like: advertising pens with the customization of your logos, the printing of your texts in silkscreen, pad printing or digital printing, take advantage and get the best corporate gifts! Pens are always useful and practical for any work sector, as in the case of personalized pens for teachers.

What is the delivery time for customized pens?

We deliver our cheap personalized pens in the fastest way. Specifically, they are usually delivered within 8 to 15 working days, in the case of standard shipping and depending on the quantities and the advertising pen ordered. Before the delivery of the customized pens, a confirmation of the virtual sample is carried out, which is provided free of charge, before the start of production. In addition, if you prefer, it is possible to order customized pens with express shipping. To do this, be sure to consult with our sales representatives, who will be happy to assist you.

How can I customize my promotional pens?

To create fantastic corporate pens, three different printing techniques are available, depending on the model you have chosen. For example, you can opt for an elegant laser engraving, which can be defined as colorless or can be found in the same color as the pen material. In this way, to make personalized pens with laser, this is heated and vaporizes the surface; so the tone will look metallic gray for metallic pens and a brown, for those pens made of wood. In addition, there are some particular models of custom metal pens where the laser engraving can be colored or shiny. In addition, our cheap advertising pens can be customized with a color printing, by pad printing. This technique allows the use of up to 4 spot colors; therefore, on some business pens it is possible to use a digital printing that allows printing in multiple colors, even shaded. Finally, promotional pens can be customized by circular screen printing. It consists of a monochromatic printing that allows you to customize almost the entire surface of the pen with your logo. A method, with which we create some of our economic advertising pens.

Where can pens be personalized with a logo?

It all depends on the shape and size of the pen in question. We always recommend to customize pens with some text or logo, which can be extended vertically. Because, although each model is different, as a general rule, advertising pens can be personalized in 4 positions: on the side of the clip, on the clip itself if the pen is equipped with it, on the second lower half of the pen and/or on the whole barrel.In addition, some models of business pens are customizable with almost 360 degree printing, by circular screen printing. A monochromatic printing technique, very useful in personalized pens.And you, do you already know what to order Garrampa's personalized pens for? Maybe you are interested in them for your company's merchandising or you are looking for a detail for your children's communion, don't worry! Here you will find your ideal personalized pen.