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Do you want to protect yourself from the sun with Garrampa's fashion? Discover our customized advertising sunglasses and add your brand logo or slogan on a promotional product, perfect for any occasion. For example, customized sunglasses for weddings will be great for your guests. Enter now in Garrampa and visualize your color: pink, red, yellow, green, blue, black, orange, white... you decide how your advertising glasses will be! We have frames with different sizes, plastic temples or different types of lenses. Among them, we can highlight our personalized polarized sunglasses. Also, take a look at our ecological models: sunglasses, made with bamboo. Eyeglasses with visor, fun, original, folding glasses, glasses with blue light filter (to work with screens), without or with glass, glasses for sports... In Garrampa we are your particular personalized advertising sunglasses optician.

Glasses for advertising merchandising

You still don't know why to order your customized advertising sunglasses? We'll tell you right now! Sunglasses are a super useful accessory for any event.In street marketing advertising campaigns, at festivals, fairs, events, parties, celebrations... gifting sunglasses is always a real success. For this reason, personalized sunglasses for weddings have become very fashionable, without going any further.Sunglasses personalized with the name of your brand or logo are the must that every outdoor event should distribute. Therefore, if you are a concert promoter, the attendees will thank you for giving them promotional sunglasses! In addition, at Garrampa we also have promotional items to go with your customized sunglasses. For example, our fanny packs, cleaning wipes, hanging cords or personalized sunglasses cases.

Sunglasses to give as a promotional gift

Sunbathing with modern, cheap and quality sunglasses? At Garrampa everything is possible! So now you know, if you want to promote your brand at an event, our custom advertising sunglasses meet European standards to offer you quality and affordable price, and we have a wide variety of models: take a look at the different finishes and materials used in their manufacture. Plastic, metal, cork, wood, polycarbonate... We are waiting for your proposal! At Garrampa we make your glasses design to measure. We have an extensive catalog, where you can find from current and modern models, to classic versions... we think of all audiences! Take advantage and place your order of cheap sunglasses and complement that long-awaited event. Make yourself known, through the best customized advertising sunglasses. Put your logo in miniature, a detail or a small phrase on the temples.

Frequently asked questions about Personalized sunglasses

What custom sunglasses frame material do you have?

An important aspect to consider before choosing promotional sunglasses is the frame material, choosing between plastic, metal, polycarbonate or rubber.PLASTIC SUNGLASSESOur custom plastic sunglasses are available in a variety of styles, such as wrap-around, panama, malibu and more. Plastic sunglasses give a sporty, athletic feel, making them perfect for sporting events and outdoor activities. We also have fun plastic options, such as beer sunglasses, Happy Birthday sunglasses and jester sunglasses. Keep in mind that plastic is more prone to breakage, so if you're looking for a sturdier material, try our custom rubber sunglasses.If you're looking for a sturdier material, try our custom rubber sunglasses or other options. METAL SUNGLASSESOur custom metal sunglasses are available in aviator styles with silver and gold finishes. The thin metal frame allows your logo to show clearly on the lens; if you prefer to add your logo on the sides of the frame, check out the plastic sunglasses. POLYCARBONATE SUNGLASSESA variety of polycarbonate sunglasses are available in malibu, wrap-around and aviator styles in a wide selection of colors. The polycarbonate material is impact resistant and protects against UV rays. Thanks to polycarbonate's UV protection and light weight, this material is ideal for sports activities such as cycling and running. A selection of safety glasses are also offered in this material to protect eyes at work or at home.RUBBER SUNGLASSESRubber is the most affordable frame material and the least prone to breakage. With many colors and discount options to choose from, our custom rubber sunglasses are also available in kids sizes and make great giveaways at trade shows, college campuses, company picnics and more.

What styles of sunglasses to customize are available?

The most popular types of sunglasses never go out of style: Aviator, Malibu.AVIATOR SUNGLASSESAviator sunglasses are a classic and timeless style. Most of our custom aviator glasses include a thin metal frame and are available in a variety of price options, from discount glasses to designer brands like Ray-Ban. If you're looking for unique options, be sure to check out our mirrored aviator glasses available in five colors. MALIBU SUNGLASSESThe Malibu is the most popular style of sunglasses thanks to its versatility and fun factor. Our custom Malibu sunglasses are available in neon, two-tone, tortoiseshell and more. For optimal exposure for your brand, try our all-over print option, fun for sporting events and parties! We also offer this style in kids' sizes at a great price, so you can find the perfect pair for everyone at any event.

What other considerations should I take into account when buying custom sunglasses?

Full Color Printed Sunglasses - We offer a variety of full color printed glasses, allowing your logo to be displayed on both lenses. These fun glasses are the perfect addition to any sporting event, party or club, and will attract everyone's attention.Glow in the dark: Our glow in the dark glasses are available in a variety of colors and at an affordable price. They are perfect for any type of evening event.Foldable: This style is perfect for travel or on-the-go lifestyle, as they fit in a pocket.Color Change: These unique glasses change color when exposed to sunlight, starting as white and changing to yellow, purple, pink, blue or orange.

What is the most common use of promotional custom sunglasses?

Promotional sunglasses are mostly used as giveaway items, especially in the summer. Often, according to Marc, companies order these promotional products for sporting events. However, sunglasses are a great giveaway as long as you can give something away.

Do promotional sunglasses have UV protection?

It is essential that the sunglasses have the mandatory minimum UV protection filter. This will provide protection against the sun's harmful UVA rays. In the product description we indicate the UV400 protection that the glasses lenses have.

Is it useful to give sunglasses as a gift with company advertising?

Sunglasses are an economical and original personalized corporate gift. Being a very practical detail, both in events and congresses and weddings, communions and parties of all kinds can be used as an element of merchandising for companies in any sector. Companies do not only give sunglasses as gifts during the summer season, but they are in demand all year round.