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Folders and portfolios personalized with your logo, ideal for events or corporate gifts, customize with us! We have a large collection of elegant personalized briefcases that you can offer to customers and employees, at fairs, events, congresses and especially in training courses, because they are convenient for taking notes as they have a notebook inside and a pocket for the pen. They also have additional spaces for storing your documents without damaging them. Also, if you provide your sales team with these custom document folders separately, you will benefit in terms of image for your company, as you will look very professional and competent in the eyes of your customers.

Personalized office folders

Our corporate folders are the queen of professional events, an excellent support for your portfolio or your catalog of services that you can distribute at no high cost among attendees and onlookers. We have them in a variety of standard sizes and colors, with or without additional equipment: watches, calculators, writing accessories... Briefcases are also a great option for branding and maintaining the professionalism that these items require.

Folders screen-printed with your company design

Some of our advertising briefcases have space for pens, pencils, and business cards. It is a highly valued advertising gift among our customers, as they are an excellent choice for the business executive who carries his company's brand wherever he goes. In addition, due to the rise of cell phones and portable devices, the use of corporate folders and portfolios that leave room for your tablet or cell phone has spread, a very original and demanded resource.

Frequently asked questions about Folders and briefcases

Can folders and document holders be personalized?

We sell both to individuals and wholesale. As we are manufacturers of briefcases or document holders, we can also customize them. Depending on the model, the prints can be from 1 color to full color. A very demanded and economic technique for some models of folders is the personalization in laser engraving or embossing, which also provides very satisfactory results. To avoid mistakes in the customization, before going to production we send a virtual sample of how the product would look like with your logo, so that everything is to your liking.

What materials are document folders and briefcases made of?

Personalized document folders and advertising and quality portfolios are manufactured in different materials: microfiber, leather or eco-leather, polyester, cardboard, recycled cardboard, polyester, etc.

Is it a good idea to choose folders and document holders as an advertising gift?

We have folders for documents and / or portfolio economic and quality to customize with the logo of your company or brand. It is widely used as an advertising gift in congresses or business events. It is a very practical, attractive and functional product for clients and collaborators in events, fairs and promotions for companies.

What models of document folders and briefcases do you have?

There are models of document folders and briefcases with zipper, with pockets, with pen, notepad type, with separator, etc. We have personalized document folders for men and women.