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Our personalized headphones and advertising helmets are the best way to listen to music. We have a whole line of personalized headphones and helmets for you to give to your customers: an ideal gift, since everyone likes to be surrounded by music. Discover in Garrampa our cheap personalized headphones: foldable headphones, with case and bag, with microphone, with rechargeable battery, with microphone, hanging and retractable. We also have different models of custom Bluetooth headphones, ideal for sports: we refer to our sports headband or sports cap with bluetooth connection. Among our promotional headphones, it is worth mentioning the eco line: promotional headphones made of wheat or bamboo cane. Take advantage of this opportunity and get the Garrampa wireless headphones and earphones, perfect for going to the gym, walking down the street, listening to music on the bus or for work. Customize your music headphones and earphones, from the hand of Garrampa.

Advertising bluetooth headphones to give as gifts

Are you looking for an economical gift and with which, for sure, you are going to succeed? Garrampa's personalized headphones and advertising helmets are for you! The headphones are the ideal gift to offer to customers, suppliers, partners and potential customers. Thus, at fairs and events they are usually present. Imagine your stand where there are headphones to give away and with which to surprise all kinds of people. And it costs little to get a smile: our bluetooth headphones with advertising to give away are at highly competitive prices. Life with music is much better and we know that well in Garrampa: order your custom headphones wholesale and surprise them. Take advantage of this opportunity and, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know! The Garrampa team will be happy to answer.

Wireless headsets personalized with your logo

Do you want to improve the corporate image of your company? Give wireless headsets personalized with your logo or custom wireless headphones from Garrampa's online store! And the buying custom headphones and earphones at Garrampa is super easy: choose the model you like the most, then the color; as well as the quantity. Et voilà! Customize with your design your personalized headphones and advertising helmets with your design and also embody the corporate colors of your business. Enter Garrampa's online store and take a look at the headphones with silicone reinforcements, with gadgets on the cable to control the change of tracks and music volume; as well as the rigid helmets with powerful speakers. Don't forget our set of headphones folded and collected in different packaging forms.

Frequently asked questions about Headphones

When to give promotional headphones and helmets as gifts?

Headphones are the kind of promotional gift that, for sure, will not remain unused in a drawer at home. And it is both for children and adult audiences: custom headphones and earphones with practical for all kinds of occasions. From listening to music or the radio; to a movie or TV series. And all this from the mobile or tablet!Without forgetting, custom gaming headphones; great for playing with the computer or game console . Yes, personalized headphones and advertising headsets are a useful, practical and effective gift.And it is that our advertising headphones personalized with your logo are the perfect gift for your customers. For a promotional gift they are an attraction for potential customers or create a link with them. Personalized headphones are the perfect promotional items. Top quality at very low prices! At Garrampa, quality comes first. Our customer service will help you choose and create the best model of personalized headphones or custom earphones.

What models of personalized headphones and promotional helmets can I find in Garrampa's online catalog?

In our collection you will find a wide variety of available models of promotional headphones and earphones in different colors. They adapt to your budget and taste! We have custom wired headphones, wireless bluetooth headphones with logo; as well as for sport and promotion. At Garrampa we also have customized headphones with classic and extravagant shapes, foldable or with case.

How to customize promotional headphones and headsets?

As with the rest of Garrampa's promotional products, everything will depend on the type of headset or helmet model. For example, if you want to customize the box that accompanies the headset, we will use the stampography technique or digital labeling, using digital printing.Our promotional bluetooth headsets can be customized on the headset itself. Although, obviously, the printing area will not be very large. Thus, small logos are recommended to be printed vertically. A short slogan is also possible. Also, at Garrampa's online store we customize your wireless or wired headphones, from pad printing or resin printing on the outside. .

Can I buy promotional bluetooth headsets for an individual?

Of course we do! Many individuals choose to buy wireless headphones customized with an image or lettering or simply without printing for different reasons. At Garrampa we offer you the same quality service and above all at the same prices, which vary only according to the quantity you order and the printing technique you choose.