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Lanyards personalized with your logo to be identified at your events and trade shows.

Badge badge hangers for trade shows

Identification lanyards are a must for trade shows, corporate events, and any large gathering where quick identification is an ongoing event. These advertising items are easily customizable with your brand logo, so they are very useful as gifts at fairs and increase your visibility as a company within each event. They are useful to carry your identification documents in any kind of event with expectation.

Customized identification bands with your logo

We have all types of lanyards, sizes, colors, embroideries, types of closures and identification badges. If your employees must be identified at all times in the offices, or are public workers, personalized lanyards are essential in these situations, as well as an inexpensive option to be identified in any situation.

Frequently asked questions about Lanyards

What are the different materials that advertising lanyards are made of?

There are different materials to choose from when selecting your lanyards. The most common considerations may be uses, appearance and price.NylonNylon is a common choice for lanyards because it is a soft, comfortable and economical material.PolyesterPolyester is a durable material that, in addition to being economical, allows for sublimation printing, which is a glossy, full-color process.ElasticElastic is a material that stretches and allows for a universal fit.CottonCottonCotton is another popular choice because it is a soft, comfortable and environmentally friendly material. It is also durable.NeopreneNeoprene is a durable and water-resistant material, making it ideal for lanyards.SatinSatin, although shiny, is a durable fabric that will nevertheless display your printed logo.PVC is a durable, flexible and lightweight material that is a great choice for lanyardsYou can discover the different materials for custom lanyards on our website and choose the one that best suits your needs.

What are the advantages of investing in customized lanyards?

The express purpose of custom lanyards is the identification of employees and the promotion of the brand.However, companies can benefit from lanyards in various ways.Lanyards are often given away at trade shows and events to be able to identify people which allows that gift to become an advertising tool as they will be able to make use of it in their personal environment and is giving visibility to your brand.At Garrampa we have different models of custom lanyards.

What type of lanyard attachment should I choose?

There are different types of hooks for lanyards, all of them adapted to the needs of the customer: Perfect for lanyards that hold badge holders or credentials.Heavy duty snap hook: Similar swivel hook functionality but stronger and easier to open.Key ring: Sometimes called split ring and is common as an accessory for keys. Metal alligator clip and loop key ring: The ring is sewn onto the lanyard, and then the metal alligator clip and loop are attached to the lanyard.Oval hook: Metal over hook and spring clasp is pushed down for easy opening. Swivel metal hook: Durable and versatile metal hook.Thumb hook: Metal hook with spring latch is easy to open and use.Lobster clip: Same as the thumb hook functionality.Carabiner: A metal loop with spring-loaded or bolt-on gates that allows for quick insertion or removal of rope or other climbing gear.Detachable phone loop - A small loop for mobile or USB electronic devices, etc.

What type of personalized lanyard is best for my industry or event?

At Garrampa we have years of experience in the lanyard industry, we have different kinds of custom lanyards to suit your needs.Employee LanyardsCustom lanyards serve for security and PCI compliance.Since security is an important consideration in many workplaces and PCI compliance requires badges to be worn above the waist, more and more employees are wearing custom lanyards. Using a lanyard to reinforce key corporate messages is a great way to ensure that the message is visible every morning and throughout the day.Lanyards for the healthcare sectorHealthcare professionals need to be immediately identifiable throughout the day to comply with security, as well as to project legitimacy to patients when they need to have confidence in their care.Lanyards for educationSchool environments understandably place a strong emphasis on security. Teachers in elementary schools, colleges and universities, as well as guests, should wear an ID, guest or volunteer badge on a personalized lanyard to be easily identifiable as a person authorized to be in a school or university building.Lanyard for trade shows and eventsAt trade shows and events, it is very important to identify individuals, so a personalized lanyard is often handed out at the entrance.Visit our website for personalized lanyards.