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Get in Garrampa one of our custom t-shirts with screen printing, unisex t-shirts to customize with your logo. We are one of the best online custom t-shirts stores: with our cheap custom t-shirts online we aim to offer you great quality, but at a highly competitive price. And is that advertising t-shirts have become an essential gift in direct marketing campaigns. Discover one of our models at soccer matches, concerts or dealerships; the T-shirts are the best way to advertise. In addition, they can not miss at events of organizations or associations: with your custom T-shirt take your values with you. Not to forget, those t-shirts for village parties or bachelor parties: a fun souvenir that will always be with you. We have all kinds of t-shirt models to customize. Find your t-shirt without or with long or short sleeves, technical for sports or with elegant finishes for your day to day. At Garrampa you can design your custom t-shirts with screen printing, vinyl, embroidery or digital transfer.

Promotional T-shirts printed with your design

If you are looking for one of those places where they customize t-shirts, you have come to the right website! At Garrampa we know that a personalized t-shirt with screen printing is always a great gift.Made of raw materials such as cotton or polyester, our promotional t-shirts are perfect for sports or simply to be fashionable. You can also use them to be comfortable at home, to cheer on your team from the stands or to wear the colors of your faculty, thanks to the customized university t-shirts. We insist: our advertising t-shirts printed with your design are ideal for any type of occasion, from promoting your store, to your employees wearing them as a uniform, to those short custom t-shirts, perfect for the festivities of your city or town. Also, if you have a group of friends to do sports, our custom running t-shirts are ideal for you.Finally, we have models of custom children's t-shirts : custom t-shirts for children and babies. The little ones are also fashionable with Garrampa. Take advantage and buy your custom t-shirts with screen printing, we have all kinds of sizes! Custom t-shirts in Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia with express deliveriesThe cheap advertising t-shirts are designed to print on them the logo of your company. These cheap advertising t-shirts serve as a claim to the rest of the people, being its mission, to achieve a great reach and generate a greater impact. Our cheap advertising t-shirts are manufactured with quality materials and have an exceptional finish. These cheap t-shirts are available in different types of cuts, thus adapting to the demands of our customers. In Garrampa you can find a wide range of colors available to match your corporate color Customize cheap t-shirts for advertising is a brilliant idea, because with it you get to promote and visualize your brand, and in turn gain notoriety in the market by your company. When customizing cheap t-shirts for advertising we can choose one of the following techniques, depending on the characteristics of your logo and the t-shirts you want to print. The techniques are as follows: Screen printing: It is an economical and durable solution perfect for medium and long runs, it is pleasant to the touch because it prints the ink directly on the material and has a very good resistance to washing. Digital Transfer: It allows to print designs in full color and with different shades and gradients, ideal for short runs. Embroidery: It has a high quality and elegant finish, it is a long lasting print, highly resistant to washing and is suitable for medium and long runs.

Promotional T-shirts with your logo printed on them

Do you know all our models of custom t-shirts with silkscreen printing? Our selection is varied! T-shirts of all kinds of colors and shapes, with V-neck and rounded collars, wide sleeves and folded sleeves... whatever your style is, we have the perfect t-shirt for you, so we have no doubt that to enhance your branding, a custom t-shirt with screen printing is a great choice. Are you looking for a corporate image that denotes well-being or something more chic and sophisticated? We have all kinds of t-shirts, which suit all kinds of styles.Your logo or design will be printed using our different methodologies such as screen printing, vinyl, digital transfer or embroidery. However, we recommend that for large quantity orders you use our custom t-shirts with screen printing. They offer a perfect finish and the possibility of exact repetition in several colors.Check out our online catalog of Garrampa and choose your t-shirt that best suits your needs. We have a wide range of colors and we always bet on quality: we work with the best textile suppliers and, on top of that, at very affordable prices.

Frequently asked questions about Personalized T-shirts

Why buy custom t-shirts at Garrampa?

We are suppliers of custom t-shirts for women, men and boys or girls. In Garrampa we have over 15 years, printing your advertising t-shirt directly from our factory, in our workshops with screen printing, transfer, digital printing and embroidery, so we suggest you visit our extensive catalog of customizable t-shirts, which you will find at incredible prices. Our custom t-shirts are of high quality and are available in different models. Our offer in original cut t-shirt, two-color custom t-shirt or V-neck custom t-shirt is huge. You can also take a look at our biodegradable or breathable t-shirts, among others. You choose with Garrampa! We are professionals, our staff is highly qualified in the most innovative marking techniques, respecting the environment. Our high-tech machines allow us to control costs, quality and deadlines to offer you the best cheap custom t-shirts. Garrampa's experience is our great guarantee, that's why thousands of customers have already trusted us. Undoubtedly, our custom t-shirts with screen printing are part of the top 5 of personalized textile items. Above, from caps, polo shirts, shirts or promotional sweatshirts. Enter our catalog and get your t-shirts for merchandising. In Garrampa we know that your advertising t-shirt will be the ideal textile item for the communication of your company, association or training center.

How to choose a cheap custom t-shirt?

Did you know that you have a multitude of options for the quality of a customized t-shirt with silkscreen printing? Indeed, we have several weights for an advertising t-shirt, measured in weight per square meter, so here are some tips: t-shirts weighing between 120 grs/m² and 140 grs/m² will be more suitable for silkscreen printing and for a cheap item for mass distribution. On the other hand, t-shirts weighing between 150 grs/m² and 160 grs/m² can be customized with screen printing, but also with digital transfer or embroidery. And the same will be true for t-shirts weighing more than 170grs/m²: available in screen printing, digital transfer or embroidery.So now you know, buying cheap custom t-shirts online has never been so easy. Choose the printing and customization technique that best suits the type of advertising t-shirt you want. Our custom t-shirts with screen printing, digital transfer or embroidery are waiting for you!

What printing should I choose on a custom t-shirt?

Before choosing your t-shirt to customize, a question to ask yourself is which printing technique to choose for the customization of your t-shirt. For this, in Garrampa we propose the following: choose the marking, which can be embroidery, digital transfer or screen printing. What kind of advertising t-shirt are you looking for? Do you want to print your logo or are you looking for a t-shirt with text? Our custom t-shirts with silkscreen printing are made by this direct printing on the t-shirt with ink, ideal for large quantities. The silkscreen transfer is printed with ink on a paper and then transferred to the t-shirt using a hot press.Meanwhile, the embroidery is a marking with thread that is made in the mass of the t-shirt, it is a high-level customization. In addition, digital transfer is printed on a machine (DTG, MIMAKI or EPSON) and then cut to shape and transferred to the t-shirt using a hot press. We also have flexible marking, which is cut into a vinyl and then placed on the t-shirt using a hot press. A perfect technique for lettering small quantities. MSO is an ideal four-color technique for making large quantities of custom t-shirts at a low price. In this way, you have different cheap advertising t-shirt printing techniques available, which you can choose the type of marking, depending on your style and your budget.

What is the delivery time for a customized t-shirt with cheap screen printing?

After the type of t-shirt and the marking, you have to keep in mind the delivery time. It should be noted that the price will be influenced by it.Our express custom t-shirts, whose manufacture will be faster than the rest, will have a higher price than that of a traditional manufacture. A conventional order of cheap custom t-shirts with silkscreen printing is made in about 10 working days, but for orders of quick custom t-shirts; we have a type of last minute express order, this type of order takes very little time, depending on the design, quantity or type of t-shirt.Enter now in Garrampa and choose your order of cheap merchandising t-shirts..

Why use screen printing on a promotional t-shirt?

The use of screen printing is a technique used for the manufacture of screen printed advertising t-shirts in large quantities and with the advantage of not being expensive. Silk-screen printing is a printing technique that is economical, since it is used for the marking of textiles in bulk. Therefore, it is ideal for all types of customizable t-shirts such as custom t-shirts for kids. This printing method consists of printing a logo or text, using stencils interposed between the ink and the substrate. The advantage of screen printing is that it lasts a long time, its opaque finish is of optimal quality and cheap. The advice for a customizable t-shirt with screen printing is not to wash it at more than 40 degrees .

Why use embroidery on our custom t-shirts?

The use of embroidery on a t-shirt is used for custom embroidered t-shirts with a heavy weight. It is a quality customization technique for high-end performance. In other words: custom printed t-shirts of high quality and high touch.This methodology consists in adding a relief effect, thanks to threads ranging from one to several colors. This customization method is carried out by a machine called embroidery machine to obtain a perfect embroidered logo. The main advantage of the customizable embroidered advertising t-shirt is its aesthetics The logo, stitched, will last over time. Its color options are varied with a light and elegant embossing. Our advice for making custom t-shirts with embroidery? Avoid too thin texts or logos with too many details. Visit Garrampa's website and design your logo for your custom t-shirts.