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Inner peace comes hand in hand with all these gifts to set your home and advertising candles from Garrampa. Our personalized candles are a very elegant and economical advertising element, as well as the ideal way to convey calm and tranquility. That is why it is a very popular item among spas, stores, hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms and even car dealerships. And we have the best air fresheners for home, but also a selection of car air fresheners; promotional candles, humidifiers (some with automatic diffuser), mikados, incense, aroma bags, etc. Our different fragrances will contribute to the improvement of well-being. Fall in love with vanilla, coffee, lemon, strawberry, orange or chocolate. And don't forget our natural fragrances: lily, lavender, jasmine, pine, ocean, rose or fresh linen. In this section of Garrampa you will also find wooden candle holders and sets of different scents. Enter now!

Aromatic fragrance diffusers to give as gifts to customers

Do you already know what gifts to decorate your home and advertising candles you are going to stay with? And it is normal that you hesitate between the different types of incense; the air fresheners for stores or our magnificent original air fresheners for the car, there is so much to choose from! In Garrampa we have different automatic air fresheners, as well as some more traditional methods such as natural incense. A chic gift, which is also accompanied by its incense holder. And you, do you already know how to personalize all these gifts to set your home and advertising candles? Do not forget the different models of customized candle holders, some of them decorated with Christmas motifs, ideal for decorating your home during the holidays. Remember that all our wooden candle holders are one of the most demanded gifts as a detail of celebrations such as weddings, baptisms or communions. Keep looking at our home air fresheners, as well as our scented candles to customize.

Candles printed with your logo or design

Do you want to customize any of these scented candles? At Garrampa you can do it with digital labeling or laser engraving! It's all going to depend on the material that covers your candle. We have decorative candles accompanied with brass, metal, crystal or glass boxes and we also have a very special candle model: the one that comes with a slate to personalize it yourself. Don't hesitate any longer! All these gifts to set your home and advertising candles are perfect to get that atmosphere of relaxation so desired in any type of establishment. Customize professional air fresheners for stores or some of our candles is very easy with Garrampa. Plaze your design, logo, slogan or inspirational phrase on any of these personalized relaxation items, ideal for olfactory marketing. Discover Garrampa's online catalog!

Frequently asked questions about Atmosphere and candles

What are the advantages of giving personalized candles as gifts?

The cheap personalized candles that we offer in this section are the ideal gift for your advertising. Give scented candles as a gift if you want to offer calm, serenity and at the same time make a useful and elegant gift. Whether you want to offer them as a gift for an event or for your customers, promotional candles are an ideal gift all year round. Warm up the atmosphere of your event and illuminate your communication all year round! Discover the different shapes, fragrances and buy online!

How can I buy personalized candles online?

Buying your advertising candles is very easy, we will guide you, step by step! Identify the right model for your needs, choose the color, the printing position, the quantity and upload the file to customize it. We will send you a virtual sample, verify that our proposal matches your idea and only when you are completely satisfied, we will start production!