Personalized card holders with your logo

Card holders with a wide variety of materials, with the option of customizing your company logo, are a classic in the market of personalized advertising items. In our collection you will find two types of advertising card holders that are differentiated according to their use. First, we have the classic card holders with a very attractive design, usually made of metal, with the company logo laser engraved or screen printed in color that are used to store your business cards that your employees will hand to the customer when you present. We also have adhesive silicone card holders that can be placed on the back of plastic cell phones that can be customized with your logo, which you can give to your customers so they can put their credit cards or multiple cards.
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  1. Pierre plastic card holder
    Portrait card holder which is ideal for exhibitions, workplaces, and networking events. Suitable for standard business card and credit card sized passes.
    Price from $1.03 /unit
    5 colours available
  2. Magclick phone wallet
    This sleek magnetic card wallet can be attached to the back of your iPhone 12 (or above), which has built-in magnets. The wallet is also delivered with a metal ring with double tape to make it compatible with phones without built-in magnets. The perfect way to keep your ID or credit card close at hand without having to carry your wallet. Crafted from high quality PU leather, and can hold up to 2 cards. Features 13 high quality N48 heat resistant magnets inside the wallet. Delivered in an envelope made of sustainable material.
    Price from $2.48 /unit
    1 colour available
  3. Shanghai business card holder
    Aluminum business card holder. Holds approximately 10 business cards.
    0 colours available
  4. New York business card holder with mirror
    Stainless steel business card holder with mirror finishing. Holds approximately 10 business cards.
    0 colours available
  5. Pilot RFID secure card slider
    Aluminum card holder protects your cards from identity theft, breaking and damage. Simply take out the cards using the cord. Holds up to 9 cards. Presented in a gift box.
    0 colours available
  6. Shield RFID cardholder
    This RFID secure cardholder can safely contain up to 3 bank cards or IDs and will keep them protected from unauthorised scans and all fraudulent activities. The adhesive tape on the back allows you to fix the wallet to smartphones with a flat back. The item has a strap to securely hold the phone in your hand.
    0 colours available
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6 Items

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Frequent Questions Card holders

What is a card holder to personalize?

A card holder wallet is a small and compact wallet designed to store your cards, whether debit, credit or company cards, gift cards, etc. A functional card holder wallet will allow you to keep some cash, the cards you use, and will slip easily into your pockets.

What types of cardholders do you have to personalize?

Metal card holders. These can range from very inexpensive and basic metal cases to more elegant and refined cases made of gold, rhodium or a variety of other precious metals. Even the less expensive cases sold at mall kiosks often have the ability to engrave, at a minimum, a basic monogram or the owner's full name. Leather cardholders. Leather cases have long been my favorite type of case. In my opinion, they tend to look much more elegant than gold, rhodium or silver cardholders or plastic cardholders.

What are the ways to personalize my wholesale cardholders?

Aluminum or metallic cardholders can be laser stamped, full color or resin drop stamped. Also by pad printing in one, two or more colors, depending on the model of cheap card holder or personalized card holder chosen. We have a selection of the best cardholders.

What are the materials in which the cardholders are made?

The original personalized card holders are ideal because they are a practical, economical and with a customization area that allows you to highlight the image of your company. We have a wide variety of economic card holders or card holders. They are made of different materials such as metallic, plastic or aluminum card holders, leatherette, PVC and silicone. There are also ecological ones laminated in cork, among others. All of them have one or more compartments to store business cards, credit cards or any other type of card.

Is it useful to give personalized cardholders with a logo as a gift?

Card holders are a fantastic promotional item to customize with your logo. They are perfect to offer in your company's marketing campaigns, as well as at events, trade shows and promotions. They are also very practical for carrying the business cards of sales reps or company employees when they are on the road. The cheap personalized business card holders are a great gift for your clients and collaborators, since they are the typical economic, practical and very useful gift in the day to day. The personalized card holders we offer are suitable for both men and women.

What is the minimum order quantity for business card holders?

On the website you will find the quantity scale, being the lowest the minimum order that will vary according to the model of the chosen card holder. The price of the card holders for companies or events is very much determined by the personalization costs, so the higher the quantity, the lower the unit price.

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