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Small travel accessories such as caps or masks to customize with your company image. A very popular promotional gift at trade shows and events are travel accessories such as inflatable pillows, sleeping masks, universal adapters, padlocks and luggage tags. They may not be aesthetically appealing, but they are very useful and appreciated by frequent travelers. This type of promotional gifts are mainly aimed at companies related to the travel and tourism sector, such as hotels and travel agencies, but also airlines, which can promote their brand by offering a corporate gift that their customers can use during their travels. Even if you don't work in this sector, you can give personalized travel sets with your logo to your employees who travel frequently for work.

Travel accessories to give as gifts in promotions

Liven up the trip of your best customers with our complete catalog of travel accessories, portable and easy to customize with your logo or the phrase that best represents your business. You'll find gadgets of all kinds, including fun shaped travel ID badges, tote holders, plug adapters, travel clocks and much more. All ready to buy in bulk or in small packs.

Promotional travel and tourism accessories

Enhance your customers' stay or experience with your company thanks to gadgets and accessories for travelers. For inspiration we recommend portable luggage scales, handheld and perfect for the airport. By stamping your logo on one of these travel items, your company's visibility will be maximized. In addition, some of our travel merchandising items can be very useful if your company is in the tourism or hospitality industry, ask for a quote now!