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Advertising aprons to promote your brand in kitchen wear, always with Garrampa.our custom aprons are suitable for any task such as at a barbecue, in the kitchen, in the garden or in the workshop. When a customer wears one of your advertising aprons, the rest of the family, neighbors or friends will see your logo printed on it. It's a great marketing item because the imprint area to print your logo on one of these custom aprons is very large, which makes it easy to see and display. We have a wide variety of promotional aprons for hospitality, waiters, cooks and other professionals.

Promotional aprons to give as gifts

From Garrampa we are very involved in kitchen products, so it seemed appropriate to dedicate a section to one of the star textile products in the kitchen, the advertising aprons. These aprons have the peculiarity that they can be customized with the advertising you want, slogans, company logos, personal branding, and any idea that companies want to carry out on this surface.

Promotional aprons for events

Advertising aprons can be customized for any situation and cuisine, especially for lovers of the foodie phenomenon. We have the options of aprons that cover the whole body from possible stains of the products we are cooking and short aprons that cover from the waist. They also include pockets so that we can carry kitchen towels, or any useful accessory essential for the recipe to be made. The star gift to enjoy a good table.

Frequently asked questions about Advertising aprons

Why order personalized aprons from Garrampa?

Garrampa is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of customizable aprons with logo, photo or promotional text at low prices. We do high quality advertising apron printing. Buy cheap custom aprons in small or large quantities.

How to choose a cheap customized apron?

To choose a custom apron, we suggest you analyze your needs and ask yourself some questions. Do you need a custom apron for a specific event? An apron for professional use? A custom apron to give as a gift? Or do you need an advertising apron to promote your company? Personalized aprons are high-end promotional textiles that are perfect for printing. From Garrampa we propose you to discover a range of personalized aprons For your orders, you have the possibility to choose between high-end personalized aprons, with or without bib, with or without pocket, professional aprons, in plain or bicolor, long or short personalized aprons, in cotton, non-woven or polyester. To make your choice, we invite you to discover a complete collection of aprons to customize at discounted prices, aprons for men, women and children. Customized professional aprons, available in a wide range of cuts, colors and sizes, professional kitchen aprons on request from 5 copies.

What marking to choose on an apron, embroidery, silk-screen printing...?

To choose the best way to customize an apron, we suggest you first of all to choose the marking mode according to the printing of the apron, embroidery, screen printing, transfer or digital printing? The type of marking on the apron, with a logo, with a photo or with a text? And to finish deciding how many colors to customize on the apron, in 1, 2, 3 colors or a four-color process? Garrampa offers you a wide range of printing options. Choose an apron with embroidery, for high-end marking.choose screen printing for personalization at low prices.choose transfer marking for small series.choose digital transfer for photo printing.after choosing the apron and personalization, you will be able to define your budget for the purchase of an advertising apron.

What is the delivery time for personalized advertising aprons?

Garrampa offers a wide range of customized advertising aprons at reduced prices that will be delivered quickly. Standard production lead times are 10 - 11 working days from the confirmation of the virtual sample, we also have shorter production lead times, such as the express production lead time which is 7-9 working days and the premium production lead time which is 3-6 working days.