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Multifunctional advertising tools for the car Dare to customize everything! We have a wide catalog of personalized items and car accessories, among which we highlight the reflective vests that can be printed with your brand. In this section you have everything you need. Some of our car products will be useful to your customer to keep the car tidy and others to get the car ready before a trip. For example, one of the most common automotive gifts are car sunshades with the logo of the company in question.

Promotional car accessories

We offer a wide range of personalized car tools and items that will save you from difficult moments in a hurry. All items and tools are fully customizable with your branding, including reflective vests for visibility, ice scrapers for the windows in the colder months and tire pressure gauges to keep the pressure under control on long distance trips.

Advertising car gifts

For those emergency situations in which the car stalls in the middle of the road or in case of an accident, we have one of the most demanded kits among car users: the emergency kit. It includes visibility items such as different vests, reflective triangles and flashlights, car care items such as pressure gauges, basic screwdriving tools and ice scrapers, dashboard and steering wheel sunshades.