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Multifunctional advertising tools for the car Dare to customize everything! We have a wide catalog of personalized items and car accessories, among which we highlight the reflective vests that can be printed with your brand. In this section you have everything you need. Some of our car products will be useful to your customer to keep the car tidy and others to get the car ready before a trip. For example, one of the most common automotive gifts are car sunshades with the logo of the company in question.
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  1. Spot 5-in-1 parking disc
    Parking disk with an ice scraper, rubber wiper, trolley coin and tire tread depth gauge. Disk has a large white logo area on the back. “Hour Of Arrival” text on disk cover listed in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian. Regulations may vary locally.
    Price from $1.00 /unit
    1 colour available
  2. Colt ice scraper with glove
    Ice scraper with a protective polyester glove with extra inside padding.
    Price from $1.56 /unit
    2 colours available
  3. Pitlane emergency hammer
    Emergency hammer with wrist strap and built-in belt cutter in the handle. Two pointed hardened steel window breakers and belt-cutter can be used to escape in case of an unfortunate situation.
    Price from $2.70 /unit
    1 colour available
  4. Pilot dual car charger with QC 3.0 dual back seat extended charger
    Designed for family & travel, this charger allows back and front seat passengers to simultaneously charge their electronic devices while on the road. Universal compatibility for 12/24V vehicles. Qualcomm Quick Charge Protocol 3.0. USB1/2 output: DC5V/2.4A, USB3 output: DC5V/3.1A, USB4 output: DC5V/3A, DC9V/2A, DC12V/1.5A. Cable length: 170 cm.
    Price from $18.38 /unit
    1 colour available
  5. Pilot dual 55W USB-C/USB-A car charger
    Car charger made of aluminium with USB-C and USB-A output, both supporting quick charge. The output of USB-C is up to 55W, and for USB-A it\'s up to 22W. Compatible with most mobile phones. If you\'re tired of the traditional 5V/1A charging speed, this is a must-have gadget for your car! Delivered in a premium kraft paper box with a colourful sticker.
    Price from $15.04 /unit
    1 colour available
  6. Magclick 10W wireless magnetic car charger
    The ideal wireless car charger for iPhone 12/iPhone 12 pro/iPhone 12 Pro MAX. With the built-in magnets, the device can simply be placed on the charger and it will attach securely. The charger can be rotated 360 degrees to accommodate any viewing angle. Max 10W wireless output for fast charging. Includes a 100 cm TPE type-C cable and an instruction manual. Comes with an additional metal ring with double tape to make the item compatible with any other smartphone that have wireless charging capability. Delivered in a premium kraft paper box with a colourful sticker.
    Price from $15.92 /unit
    1 colour available
  7. Pilot 15W wireless automatic car charger
    15W universal car phone holder and charger. With its FOD (Foreign Object Detection) sensor, this charger can easily be operated with one hand. Simple place the device on the charger and it will tighten automatically. Ideal for satellite navigation and for charging the phone while on the road. The phone can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position thanks to the 360° rotating clip. Compatible with all Qi devices (iPhone 8 or above and Android devices that supports wireless charging) and it also supports fast charging. Input 12V/1.67A. Wireless output: 15W (max). Comes with a 100 cm TPE Type-C cable and an instruction manual. Delivered in a premium kraft paper box with a colourful sticker.
    Price from $29.94 /unit
    1 colour available
  8. Pole dual car adapter
    Dual plug adapter. Plug into power outlet to charge personal devices. USB output: 5 Volts / 2.0 Amps. Input: 12V-24V. Suitable for cars and trucks.
    0 colours available
  9. Coro credit card sized ice scraper
    Compact and handy ice scraper that easily fits in your car\'s glovebox.
    0 colours available
  10. Freeze credit card sized ice scraper with rubber
    Handy ice scraper with integral rubber strip that is compact for easy storage.
    0 colours available
  11. Averall triangle ice scraper
    Frosty triangular ice scraper for windshield scraping.
    0 colours available
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