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Cooler bags to carry food and keep lunch in the best conditions, choose from dozens of models of beautiful bags to print with your brand or logo! Custom cooler bags are a very useful corporate gift when you go on a trip or picnic, outdoors or camping, as they serve to carry drinks or food while keeping them always cool. Personalized coolers are promotional products suitable for loyalty campaigns, as a gift for the purchase of a specific product or as a gift at trade fairs. We always try to offer a wide range of models in various colors, prices for all needs and designs both classic and modern and innovative.

Personalized thermal backpacks

We have the most complete assortment of cooler bags, insulated, isothermal and more, special for transporting your food in the best conditions wherever you are. Its inner fabric ensures the temperature, both for cold or frozen products as well as for hot ones, acting as a perfect thermos. You can take advantage of their usefulness to print your logo or advertising motifs and take your branding much further. Choose from briefcases, can holders, lunch bags or thermal covers, among others.

Isothermal advertising bags with logo

We have many marketing ideas for you to take advantage of Garrampa's isothermal bags. Especially in the warmer months, they are a great branding tool: if you offer food and beverages, sponsor an event with groceries, a race or at a trade show, offering your customers or suppliers a nice insulated bag can be a great brand souvenir. They have enough space for lunches, beverages, even frozen or very cold products.

Frequently asked questions about Cooler and lunch bags

When is the best time to give personalized cooler bags as gifts?

While there is no exact time period for giving personalized cooler bags, there is no doubt that the spring/summer season is when the most orders are received for this gift. With the arrival of sunny days we start to organize picnics in parks or in the mountains or spend long days at the beach with friends or family. On these occasions it is important to always have cool drinks and to be able to protect food from the sun and heat. For this reason, the cooler bag is undoubtedly a gift more than appreciated.

What models of custom coolers do you have?

We have small portable coolers that are ideal for all those who have to take lunch or dinner to work. Then there are the classic picnic models, ideal for keeping food and drinks cool. There are practical thermal bags that can be carried as a backpack, really very comfortable, not to mention the thermal bags that recall the typical scenes of an American movie, where the mother prepares a snack or lunch for the kids going to school.

Can I order a custom cooler bag with logo?

It is not possible to order single units. The minimum quantity required is 25 (it may vary depending on the model, you can check the specific information inside each product sheet). The reason is that we use professional machinery that performs custom production on a large scale, which allows us to offer competitive prices starting from 25 units. In fact, you can see that the unit price decreases as the quantity increases.

What other promotional gifts do you recommend to associate with cooler bags with the company's logo?

These promotional products can be combined, for example, with advertising picnic blankets or colorful customized beach towels. An economical option can be personalized take-out containers, a cutlery set and promotional bottles. Of course, personalized coolers can be given together with all those summery advertising accessories such as sunglasses, caps, flip-flops, inflatable balls, fans or promotional bottle opener key chains.