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In Garrampa we have the solution for the coolest times of the year: be proud to wear one of our cheap custom screen printed sweatshirts. We have all kinds of cheap custom sweatshirts for you to choose the model that best suits you. Men's and women's sweatshirts, for kids, with or without hood, with pockets, with zipper, with round neck, ecological and technical sweatshirts... and much more! Choose the material and color that best suits your design. You can print on our custom sweatshirts any kind of design: your company logo or the symbol of your club, you choose what kind of wholesale sweatshirts you need! From our online sweatshirts store Garrampa we offer you this type of comfortable, practical and youthful clothing. Our cheap sweatshirts for women and men will be the ideal accessory to do sports in group or to go all in the same fashion.

Silk-screen printed sweatshirts with your logo

A customized sweatshirt is a very practical and comfortable garment, since you can wear it always with you in your bag, tied at the waist or over your shoulders, you choose how to wear one of our Garrampa sweatshirts for men or women! Our screen printing sweatshirts are cheap, since we use -as the name suggests- the screen printing technique. Indeed, they are cheap custom screen printed sweatshirts and are a great gift to promote your brand; for example, if you own a gym; we can't think of a better way to do merchandising than with one of our screen printing sweatshirts. Or if you have an establishment (of any kind), one of our custom t-shirts and sweatshirts are a great option to give to customers and suppliers. And make them loyal with this great promotional gift! Another idea that we suggest, from Garrampa, is to give custom screen printed sweatshirts to your employees. Design your personalized Christmas sweatshirts and fill the Christmas basket with color. We work with great brands, such as Fruit of the Loom, which stand out for their wide range of colors in their catalog. Good sweatshirts in white, blue, black, gray, orange, red, pink, green, purple ... and find the color you like.At Garrampa we offer you cheap custom screen printed sweatshirts, adaptable to all corporate colors on the market. In addition, you can customize the hood, which will make your advertising campaign more creative.

Promotional sweatshirts to give away

We are experts in making affordable custom sweatshirts, which can be used for any kind of occasion. In addition, our custom sweatshirts are aimed at all kinds of audiences: men, women and children's sweatshirts. A wide range of possibilities is offered to you: promotional sweatshirts in different colors, brands and embroidery patterns. Choose the comfort that Garrampa offers you, with our custom printed sweatshirts, to dress your club at the town festivals (yes, we have custom sweatshirts for clubs), to practice exercise with your team, to promote your club or to wear the ideals of your organization or association, you choose what you want one of our cheap custom screen-printed sweatshirts for! Remember that if you need a larger size to print your design (a large photo, for example), you should choose the basic custom sweatshirts with round neck.

Frequently asked questions about Personalized sweatshirts

Why buy custom screen printed sweatshirts at Garrampa?

We are a supplier of custom screen printed sweatshirts with a logo, a photo or a text And, all this, at really competitive prices. We make advertising prints on custom sweatshirts and jackets, which you can order in small or large quantities. Choose what kind of sweatshirt you need: we have sweatshirts for companies, associations, schools, camps, communities... for all kinds of occasions! Customizing sweatshirts in Garrampa is very easy: we adapt to the needs of each customer. We have cheap custom screen printed sweatshirts, but also custom embroidered sweatshirts. Our production team is qualified for the customization and manufacturing of customizable sweatshirts. We use the most innovative techniques of marking advertising sweatshirts, which allows us to control the manufacturing costs, as well as the quality of our custom sweatshirts, and thus meet the delivery deadlines.Take a look at our catalog of cheap custom sweatshirts, with the printing of your logos, your photos or your promotional slogans. Customized sweatshirts are a perfect medium for textile communication.

How to choose a cheap custom screen printed sweatshirt?

Surely you are asking yourself how to choose my personalized sweatshirt? or what kind of sweatshirt to choose?, in polyester or cotton?. First of all, we would like to emphasize that we are experts in how to make custom sweatshirts successfully. Our extensive catalog is our faithful proof. In Garrampa we are committed to quality at very low prices.if you have any questions, we have a whole team of advisors, ready to guide you and accompany you during your purchase. They will be able to advise you on the choice of colors, sizes, cuts and models. And we have a lot of items waiting for you, so you can carry out a young and dynamic communication in your company, thanks to our cheap custom screen printed sweatshirts! At Garrampa we are one of the best online custom sweatshirts stores, because we have sweatshirts of all kinds: for events, seminars, colleges, conventions, sports clubs, gyms, camps, schools, associations.... Our fabrics stand out for their quality, Garrampa's custom sweatshirts are made by professionals in the sector.Discover our collection of customizable sweatshirts with logo, sweatshirts for men, for women, textile items available in a wide range of cuts and colors, a range of sweatshirts to customize at discount prices. Our sweatshirts are available in many colors and in weights between 280 and 300 gr/m², to offer you resistant and quality products for a dynamic and durable communication. So now you know, our classic branded advertising sweatshirts for men and women are available in many colors to give life to all your desires.

Which marking to choose for my custom sweatshirt: embroidery or screen printing?

First of all, you will have to define the type of marking depending on the customization of your promotional sweatshirt. Do you want an order of embroidered sweatshirts or our cheap custom screen printed sweatshirts?Define the type of printing: your company logo, a photo, text or an advertising slogan. Either way, at Garrampa we are professionals in printing and we will carry out the design of your sweatshirt in the best possible way. Still doubts? Well, we can tell you that custom embroidered sweatshirts are synonymous of high range and quality. On the other hand, if you are looking for plain sweatshirts to print at very affordable prices; we recommend Garrampa's customizable screen printed sweatshirts, we also have screen printed sweatshirts with transfer for small series or an offer in digital transfer printing sweatshirt to print your photos Make your order at Garrampa now!

What is the delivery time for customized sweatshirts and jackets?

Choose from our catalog of custom sweatshirts and jackets at discounted prices your products and we will send them to you quickly. Our cheap custom screen printed sweatshirts are suitable for companies, associations or schools.The delivery time varies depending on the quantity and the reference of the advertising sweatshirt that is requested in the order. In addition, we have an express production time and a Premium production time, for more urgent orders, contact us and we will inform you without obligation!