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Practical and versatile fanny packs to carry your personal items, in a personalized format with your brand, personalized fanny packs are a very vintage marketing option, you will remember that this gift was the iconic accessory of the early 90s. Now it is back in fashion with innovative materials and attractive designs, suitable for all generations and all styles. From the very comfortable small and thin bag, to be able to insert the phone, the keys to go jogging in the park and have the essentials always with you, to the more spacious bags able to contain your objects during events such as concerts. For example, at festivals, events or why not, traveling in crowded cities where having your phone and wallet always at hand is absolutely necessary. So, what are you waiting for to customize your corporate device and make a useful and modern gift?

Promotional fanny packs with your logo printed on them

The fanny pack is one of the most practical items we offer for your travels, either to carry your personal items for your day to day, as to complement the space of your handbags for your travels. We have a wide variety of fanny packs, for everyday use that fit your lifestyle, waterproof so that no water can get in, fanny packs for your sports races, or fanny packs with a wide range of compartments to keep your personal belongings organized in the best possible way.

Practical and original fanny packs to customize

It is a good option as a personalized gift for your customers, since all items that are used as carriers are the most used in loyalty actions. You have the option to customize any part of this practical object holder, with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and different quality. If you don't know exactly which item to choose as a gift for your customers, you always have the option of being advised by our sales team. Dare!

Frequently asked questions about Bum bags

Which model of personalized fanny packs to choose?

In our collection you will find different models of fanny packs that you can customize with your logo: from the classic triangular models to the sports fanny packs ideal to put your cell phone when you go running. You should choose the model according to how your customers will use it. If you are a travel agency, a practical and spacious classic model is ideal for those going on vacation. If your customers are mostly runners, sporty models are for you.

What are the main printing techniques for custom fanny packs?

The main printing techniques used for customizing promotional bags are screen printing and transfer printing. As with all our available products, the printing technique depends on the type of fabric to be customized. In case of need, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you!

How can I buy advertising fanny packs?

Buying your personalized fanny packs is very easy. Choose the model of personalized promotional bag you prefer, choose the color, the printing technique, the quantity and finally send us the file to customize it. We will create a free sample, you just have to check that our proposal matches your idea. Only after your approval we will start production. Combine your fanny packs with a useful product for outdoor activities such as personalized water bottles, creating a perfect kit to give as a gift during an event or as a useful and original corporate gift. What are you waiting for? Discover our products and visit our online catalog.