Personalized advertising bottle opener

What bar doesn't have a personalized bottle opener for its bartenders and customers? No matter how often they come down to your restaurant or bar, they should have a personalized bottle opener to get them out of any trouble at home.
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  1. Schyn wheat straw bottle opener
    Bottle opener made of wheat straw for opening bottles of beer, soft drinks, etc. Wheat straw is left over stalk after wheat grains are harvested, which reduces the amount of plastic used.
    Price from $0.74 /unit
    3 colours available
  2. Paddle bottle opener
    Bottle opener.
    Price from $1.03 /unit
    1 colour available
  3. Ecological
    Brama wooden bottle opener
    Bottle opener made of stainless steel with wooden surface.
    Price from $1.22 /unit
    1 colour available
  4. Jibe R1 bottle opener keychain
    Clear R1 keychain with bottle opener and metal split keyring. The metal looped ring offers a flat profile which is ideal for mailings. Print insert dimensions: 4,0 cm x 3,2 cm.
    Price from $1.29 /unit
    1 colour available
  5. Scoll wooden coaster with bottle opener
    Wooden coaster with stainless steel bottle opener.
    Price from $1.29 /unit
    1 colour available
  6. Boemia bottle opener
    Stainless steel bottle opener with wooden surface.
    Price from $1.68 /unit
    1 colour available
  7. Ecological
    Origina wooden bottle opener
    Bottle opener made of stainless steel with wooden surface. Features a hanger on the handle.
    Price from $1.85 /unit
    1 colour available
  8. Lofoten bottle opener
    Bottle opener made of stainless steel with a large coloured area in the middle.
    Price from $2.12 /unit
    2 colours available
  9. Don bottle opener keychain
    Luxury bottle opener with shiny finish. Including black gift box.
    0 colours available
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9 Items

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Frequent Questions Bottle opener

Why buy personalized bottle openers?

The best promotional products are those that reliably serve a specific purpose for their intended recipients, and promotional bottle openers are just such an item. How many times have you been somewhere without a bottle opener...there's nothing quite as satisfying as opening a cold bottle of beer or soda and drinking it. Popular at restaurants, bars, festivals and concerts, custom bottle openers and bottle opener key chains are a great way to connect with the ever-elusive 18-29 demographic, but that doesn't mean other age groups don't appreciate them. Plus, because personalized bottle openers are so useful, recipients are likely to keep them indefinitely, registering countless residual impressions. In addition, some recipients may transfer some of the positive feelings generated from enjoying a refreshing beverage to your brand, since an item with your logo has directly contributed to their positive feelings of satisfaction.

What types of custom bottle openers do you have?

Bar knivesThey sound like they could be dangerous, but bar knives are a bartender's best friend, especially since they are flat and can easily slip into a back pocket. A crucial disadvantage of bar blades is the inability to open corked bottles, so depending on the intended recipients, this may not be the most ideal opener. ChurchkeysThe origin of the name churchkey is a matter of debate; some believe the name is simply an ironic euphemism, given that these openers allow access to beer and not churches, while others believe the name came about after Prohibition as a way for beverage purveyors to mock the religious organizations that brought about Prohibition in the first place. In any case, church wrenches are most easily recognized today by the perforated end of the opener.Multi-purpose bottle openersIn addition to standard bottle openers, we also carry a number of openers that incorporate more than one tool, such as carabiner bottle openers, lighter bottle openers and knife and lighter bottle opener combinations. These multi-purpose tools are ideal for outdoor events and trade shows.

How to buy custom bottle openers?

Your target audience and promotion location will dictate the type of bottle opener you should get. If you are trying to reach a younger audience at an outdoor concert or festival, then you should consider getting keychain bottle openers, which are easy to carry and can result in immediate impressions, assuming the recipient adds it to their keychain right away. If you're planning to get some openers for a wedding or charity dinner, then think about getting something with a higher perceived value than just a keychain, such as a combination bottle opener and corkscrew tool or one of our bar knives.MaterialWe offer bottle openers in hard, durable plastic and others in metal. The plastic ones cost a little less than the metal ones, but they also wear out faster, so keep that in mind when choosing which bottle opener you want to buy.

What kind of printing method do you use to customize bottle openers?

Most of our plastic bottle openers use one color/one location silkscreen printing, and most of our metal openers are printed by laser engraving. Some of our bottle openers may have more than one type of printing method, so be sure to check the item description when you are ready to purchase for all your options.

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