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Discover our cheap advertising fabric shopping bags, great to take with you folded to the supermarket and use in any errand. We have 100% cotton bags, personalized tote bags in sustainable and organic materials. Also, within this section, we have for you different antibacterial bags, ideal to preserve the contents of your bag from the different external agents. We can also distinguish our folding and net bags, as well as those bags in the shape of a backpack. Our custom tote bags are available in a wide range of colors: pink, white, black, green, orange, blue, purple, yellow, gray, even metallic. Choose Garrampa's cheap advertising fabric shopping bags; in addition to a great price, we have different types of recycled fabrics such as aware or polyester.

Printed fabric shopping bags

The customizable fabric shopping bags are easy to carry and fold at any time, they take up little space when they are empty and are very resistant, since they support all the load you want to purchase, making them a great attraction among businesses due to their high visibility, since everyone has their own foldable shopping bag. An optimal way to increase your brand visibility among all your customers. At Garrampa, we offer several types of shopping bags, with different colors and resistances, without forgetting our line of vegan cotton bags; ideal to take care of the environment and carry with you your ecological values. Find your cloth bag, among all our models.

Cloth shopping bags with your logo screen-printed on them

Undoubtedly, an ideal way to show your logo to the public is screen printing it on one of our cheap fabric shopping bags. We adapt to the needs of each moment and also to all kinds of pockets; for example, the options of printing on bags are different; depending on the material of the bag you have chosen. Always with the highest quality, as our organic cotton and 100% natural.The screen printed cloth bags have become a necessary complement for any situation. You can use our traditional bags to go to the supermarket, as they are super comfortable and very easy to fold and store. A great gift to give to each of your customers.In addition to promoting ecological measures (Garrampa bags are reusable), you will also boost your brand image. Make your logo visible in any situation, because our cheap fabric shopping bags can be used for shopping, yes; but they are also the perfect accessory to go to the swimming pool or to take to the gym. You decide with Garrampa!.

Frequently asked questions about Shopping bags

Why buy personalized fabric bags at Garrampa?

In Garrampa we can offer you all kinds of promotional cloth bags for your purchase that you can customize with your logo, including a text or an image, to accompany our catalog you will find all kinds of large and small cloth bags, ideal for companies, events, stores, associations or even universities or schools. Choose what occasion is worth to design your personalized fabric bags.Take advantage and give one of our cheap fabric shopping bags. We carry out your customization, using different techniques such as embroidery, screen printing or transfer.In addition, our custom fabric bags are at a very low price, so they are accessible to any type of event or establishment. For example, if you own a grocery store, don't hesitate to opt for one of our custom bread bags. Likewise, Garrampa's small fabric bags are the perfect detail for a wedding or communion. Not to mention, they are an ideal merchandising for festivals, concerts and cultural events of any kind. Garrampa's team is composed of highly qualified professionals to ensure that the quality of the printing and delivery times are as required by the thousands of customers who already trust us. Check out our extensive catalog on our website.

How to choose a personalized cloth shopping bag?

The fabric bag for advertising shopping you choose will depend on your needs at that moment.A special event such as a wedding, a fair, a seminar or a great way to advertise to your customers. At Garrampa we offer you a wide variety of custom fabric bags, manufactured with different printing techniques. With short or long handles, with or without gusset, you can order in small quantities, starting from 10 units! And if you still don't know which fabric bag model to choose, don't hesitate to consult our catalog or write us, without any kind of commitment.

Which printing technique to choose for my promotional tote bags?

For your choice to be the right one, the important thing is to know what to use your cloth bags for; in short, what use you are going to give them, because maybe you are thinking of using your eco-friendly cloth bags as personalized bags or simply as an alternative to plastic when it comes to shopping. Either way, at Garrampa you have a wide range of fabric bags to customize them with a photo, text or logo of your company or association.At Garrampa we offer a wide variety of printing techniques, depending on the type of bag chosen, the event or logo. Choose embroidery for a high quality finish or, if you prefer, screen printing if you have a tight budget.For its part, the transfer technique is the most chosen option for small quantities. And digital printing is the favorite for full color printing. Take advantage and choose the technique that best suits the budget of your custom fabric bags. Discover in our online catalog original models and printing techniques on our website.

What is the delivery time for my personalized shopping bags?

At Garrampa we can offer you a wide range of advertising canvas bags at cheap prices, delivered within some 10-12 working days from the confirmation of the virtual sample. For orders of personalized bags for purchase from outside Spain, the delivery time will depend on the country of destination and the duration of the transport. For urgent orders in Spain, we can offer you an urgent delivery time of 4-5 working days, in a certain selection of bags. Do not hesitate to check the wide catalog on the web!

Can I buy customized shopping bags for individuals?

Of course! We sell more to companies, but we also cater to individuals who often want to give personalized bags to their guests on special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Obviously we provide the same quality service and above all at the same prices that vary only according to the quantity you order and the printing technique you choose.

What can I do if I have difficulties in placing my order?

Our customer service is always available to provide you with the best support. If you find it difficult to place online orders for custom shoppers, you can contact us in three ways: ● by chat, ● by phone at 976 09 90 54 ● by the form you will find on our website. One of our experts will help you: you simply need to indicate the items, the quantity and any customization. You will then receive confirmation of your order or your quote.