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The attention is focused on the beachfront, and this is where your brand comes into action. Frisbies, wooden or plastic paddles, even flip-flops can be the object of customization.Give away advertising beach itemsWhether for camping, watching kids' soccer games, parties, promotional folding chairs, etc. The quality of our folding items makes them safe, comfortable and easy to store. From camping chair to classic fishing chair, we have all models. The beach chair is lightweight and comfortable, and our stadium chair is a great idea to support your back comfortably throughout the game. Check out our folding chair with carrying bag included. These chairs invite your customers to relax and enjoy what they are doing in comfort. In addition, we have products as practical and original as the UV meter, cone-shaped ashtrays to grab them in the sand on the beach, pads, pool sets, inflatable can holders, and even fly swatters. Give your customers a personalized water sprayer with your company name on it and you'll make their hot days better.

Advertising merchandising for the beach

Everyone remembers the famous Nivea ball becoming the king of every beach in our geography, why not try to emulate its success with your advertising products? Every summer our coasts are filled with tourists and locals willing to relax and have a good time in front of the sea, thousands of spectators for your brand that congregate in the same place: the ideal occasion to play with an attractive branding proposal. From balls in thousands of colors, water pistols for the little ones at home or flying discs, it's a great idea!

Original gifts for the beach

One of the fashions of indisputable reign this last season is that of the big inflatables. These are items to enjoy the beach or the pool with curious shapes such as swans or armchairs, which can be objects to be branded with your logo. If you are more traditional, go for beach paddles, frisbees (collapsible, inflatable, brightly colored...) or activity cubes for the little ones at home. Decorate with your logo all kinds of beach items with the help of Garrampa!