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At Garrampa, we offer a selection of customized gym bags, perfect for carrying your items while you're working out or going to the gym. It's important to consider factors like durability, design, capacity, and comfort before purchasing. Each material has its own advantages: PVC bags are water-resistant, durable but less breathable. Cotton gym bags are eco-friendly, soft, and flexible, but may not be as durable. Nylon bags are lightweight, strong, and water-resistant, though they may be less environmentally friendly. Polyester bags are durable, water and wear-resistant, but may be less breathable. The gym bag with a long handle is perfect for hanging over your shoulder, providing comfort, but it might limit the loading capacity. The sling bag offers greater security and weight distribution, ideal for longer trips, though it might be less accessible. Gym bags with shoe compartments allow you to separate your shoes from the rest of the items, keeping everything more organized, but they might be a bit bulkier. Regarding the marking position, printing on the pocket is discreet and stylish, but may be less visible. Printing on the side of the pocket gives visibility without being too prominent, but may be limited in size. Printing in the center is very visible and allows for large designs, though it may affect the overall texture of the bag.
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4 Items

  1. Survivor 5 litre waterproof roll-down bag
    A waterproof bag great for the outdoors. The roll-top closure with plastic buckle ensures valuables are kept dry and safe. Easily attached to a bag or belt. When rolled down and buckled, content capacity is 5 liters.
    Price from $3.41 /unit
    4 colours available
  2. Voyager drawstring backpack 6L
    The Voyager drawstring backpack is not the average drawstring backpack. The durable grey 600D polyester top and two zippered mesh pockets on the bottom give this backpack a very sporty look. The Voyager is ideal for giving away during indoor or outdoor athletic events and has several options for logo printing. The bag has a drawstring design that is suitable for easy carrying over one or both shoulders.
    Price from $4.43 /unit
    1 colour available
  3. Camper 10 litre waterproof bag
    A waterproof bag great for the outdoors. The roll-top closure with plastic buckle ensures valuables are kept dry and safe. Can be easily attached to a bag or belt. When rolled down and buckled the content capacity is 10 litres.
    Price from $5.69 /unit
    1 colour available
  4. Reclaim GRS recycled two-tone sport duffel bag 21L
    The Reclaim GRS recycled two-tone sport duffel bag is made from 100% recycled materials on the exterior, and it features a vertical zippered front pocket and a roomy zippered main compartment. Webbing wrapped carry handles and adjustable shoulder straps for your carrying comfort, making it suitable for sport activities.
    Price from $8.08 /unit
    1 colour available
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4 Items

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Frequent Questions Gym bags

When will I receive my customized gym bag?

Your customized gym bag's delivery time depends on the shipping option you choose. We have several options available: standard, which is the most economical, an urgent one and an express one. When you're on the product page and calculating the price, you'll be able to see the delivery dates associated with each option.

What are the most recommended gym bags for going to the gym?

Choosing a gym bag depends a lot on your personal preferences and needs. However, bags with multiple compartments are generally popular for keeping gym items organized. On our Garrampa website, you'll find a variety of customized gym bags, with different sizes and features.

Do they have compartments for shoes or a paddle racket?

Yes, many of our gym bags have special compartments for shoes or for a paddle racket. Each product on our website has a detailed description where you can check these features.

What capacity do the gym bags have?

The capacity of the gym bags varies depending on the model. You can find this information on the product page for each bag. If you have any additional questions about the capacity of the bags, our sales department will be happy to assist you.

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