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Customized caps and hats to protect you from the sun in a personalized way are fashion accessories, especially appreciated by young people. They are therefore an advertising gift that lends itself well both as a promotional giveaway at trade fairs and events, as corporate merchandising if you operate in sporting contexts, but can also be used as an integral part of the work uniform (such as in bars or cafes). Whatever your goal, choose one of our snapbacks and customize it with your logo or slogan, you will gain visibility for your custom caps are a great advertising claim, and even more so in summer events, such as fairs or festivals; because it is a simple way to advertise your business and make it known. In turn, these cheap custom caps can be ordered by all kinds of companies and institutions, being very common to find them in sports teams and championships, among others. In addition, they facilitate the advertising of the same and create a great visual impact, thanks to the fact that these cheap custom caps are stamped with the logo of the corporation. Cheap custom caps can be customized using two printing techniques, the screen printing technique and the embroidery technique. Whether it is a company that wants to make customized caps for its employees or a single individual who wants to give away a few units, the procedure is the same and is simple and fast, but above all economical. In the meantime, the basis is fundamental: the material of the customized Caps must be of good quality, such as those proposed, for example, by the Garrampa website. Keeping the quality high, however, does not necessarily mean compromising the price, which remains lower than the official price lists. Custom caps can be of various types: in wool, cotton, polyester or even in other materials, with and without Velcro closures, depending on the season or season, and obviously according to tastes. At this point, once you have chosen the type of Cap, you can proceed with the customization.

Caps embroidered with your logo or design

In this section we have created a compilation of the best caps and hats for sports to protect you from the sun. If you're looking for a remedy to be able to see and have a versatile sunshade for sports, choose one of our sports caps; the material with which several caps are made, is completely breathable.

Screen printed caps at the best printing prices

The hats in our section are designed to provide shade over the entire surface of the head, so you can use them in open spaces where the sun is the protagonist of the area. It is suitable for sports like golf, or fishing enthusiasts and more for everyday use. If one of your customers is a fan of one of these sports, giving him a personalized hat with the logo of your company will be a powerful visual claim to be able to make him loyal.

Caps printed with advertising, one of the most eye-catching products

There are models with normal or sandwich visor, with five or six panels, etc. Another printing method is screen-printed caps, which are more economical, especially the larger the number of caps you want to screen-print. Creating and making embroidered caps with advertising or with your design or drawing is as easy as choosing the cap you like from our catalog and sending us your design enclosed in the quotation. We will take care of the rest of the printing process so that the result is just as you expect. The purchase prices and sales rates of the online store are approximate. Therefore, we recommend that you consult us to choose the best product according to your needs and the time we have available for production, especially if you want to make embroidered caps, since what you are looking for is the best result for your advertising campaign.

Caps printed with advertising, one of the most eye-catching products

Custom caps are a great advertising showcase for brands and companies. These caps can be handed out at events, fairs or as a gift in which to include all your branding and slogan. Make eye-catching advertising caps and stay with all audiences!

Named caps for kids

Caps for kids in rapper or classic style. Are you going to organize an excursion or children's trip? Our embroidered caps for kids safari model with your logo are perfect, as they are designed with an elongated back section that will protect children's necks from wind, sand or other inclement weather. In addition, the folding cap models allow you to fold the visor into 3 parts and have an elastic back strap that fits the child's head perfectly, helping to prevent the cap from falling off in the air. We recommend the embroidered caps for children in rapper style, which have a mesh on the back and a padded front on which you can place your advertising. Do not miss the opportunity to succeed in your advertising campaign by participating with your embroidered caps Spain for child.

Color caps for screen printing

The wide variety of custom caps for adults that you can find in our catalog is so great that the possibilities of customization and visibility for your brand are immense. You can also choose other types of caps with sandwich visor in various colors. We have military style caps or visors alone, very useful for summer.

Frequently asked questions about Screen printed caps

Why buy customized caps at Garrampa?

Garrampa can provide you with a cap that can be customized with logo, photo or text, at a low price. We do the printing of advertising caps in our workshops. Buy cheap custom caps in small or large quantities for :Companies, craftsmen, traders.associations, sports clubs, schools.local authorities, works councils.municipalities, student offices.individuals, and much more.for many years, we perform the customization of caps in embroidery, screen printing. With our highly qualified and trained manufacturing team, we control costs, quality and delivery times of customized caps. That's why thousands of customers rely on Garrampa, to buy their custom caps at discounted prices, quote and order online.

Which personalized advertising cap to choose?

To choose a custom advertising cap, you have to study your needs and ask yourself certain questions, choose a cap for a specific event? caps for advertising? caps to make a gift? Personalized caps are ideal for the communication of high-end companies. Garrampa offers you to discover a catalog of advertising caps, caps with preformed visor, flat caps, caps with ventilation eyelets, caps with sandwich piping, simple professional caps, in cotton twill, light or thick, light and breathable, A complete range of customizable caps for men, women, children. Available in a wide range of cuts and colors, custom caps can be ordered in quantities of 5 or more. How to choose a custom cap? To make your choice you have at your disposal a collection of custom caps with a catalog composed of a wide selection of quality caps. To choose your cap, you must first think about the customization of the cap, marking or embroidery? This will allow you to choose the cap, with or without center stitching. The marking cannot be done on a seam, it will then be necessary to choose a cap without a seam or to think about marking the embroidery. Then there is the choice of design, with Velcro closures, metal or plastic buckles, curved, snapback, American, military, classic, baseball, trucker or two-tone. Choose for whom, for men, women or children. With Garrampa you have the possibility to choose with caps of the great brands Kariban, Beechfield at discount prices. How to make a custom cap? Garrampa offers you the manufacture of custom advertising caps, be original and creative, everything is possible. For a custom made cap, choose the fabric, its composition, its color or the motif of your advertising, logo, text, all your ideas are possible for a unique and very representative result of your company or association, custom advertising caps that will allow you to bring a coherent message and adapted to your visual identity, find a wide selection of quality products to customize. The personalized cap is an excellent advertising medium that offers a large customization surface and gives a strong sense of belonging to the wearer.

Which marking to choose on a cap, embroidery, silk-screen printing...?

To make the right choice when customizing an advertising cap, we advise you to choose the type of marking according to the printing, embroidered cap or silk-screen printed cap? The choice of the marking will be made according to the cap ordered, with or without stitching, as the marking cannot be made on a cap with a central seam. What type of printing, a cap with a logo or a text? And the number of colors of the cap to be customized in 1 color or in four-color printing? Garrampa offers you different types of marking. Embroidered caps, for high-end printing, screen printing for small budgets, digital transfer caps for photo branding, etc. These questions will allow you to define your budget. These questions will allow you to define your budget for the purchase of your caps. Choice of the marking of the cap in screen printingFor small budgets prefer the marking of advertising cap in screen printing, to realize ideally on articles on 3 panels or 5 sides printed, sublimated, a personalized cap of logo or photo or an image will be perfect for all your promotional slogans. If you choose the customization of the cap with embroidery is for a resistant and quality performance, we advise you to embroider your caps. The embroidery is done for 6 panel caps with center stitching. With a personalized embroidered cap, you will be equipped against the sun or the cold, making your embroidered cap a high-end advertising communication tool.

What is the delivery time for customized caps?

Garrampa offers a wide range of customized caps at reduced prices, advertising caps that we deliver quickly. Custom caps are generally delivered within 10-12 working days depending on the quantity and reference of the cap ordered, after validation of the virtual sample. However, we have express and premium production lead times to make custom caps faster.

What are the main materials used to manufacture advertising caps?

The main materials of the customized caps are cotton and polyester. On our website there are 100% cotton advertising caps and caps with polyester blend. The differences are not noticeable to the touch and to the eye. In addition to these two, there are also other more original fabrics such as denim and other special fabrics such as combed cotton, thick cotton or microfiber. Microfiber caps with cooling material are the most demanded by athletes, as they are perfect for outdoor physical activity. We also have high-visibility work caps, suitable for work carried out under low visibility conditions.

Where is the best place to print my logo?

The front is the most common place for the marking of an advertising cap. There are models that allow you to print your logo on other positions such as the visor or the side of the cap.