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A great variety of advertising cosmetic and beauty items, to be perfect at all times. Nowadays, toiletries and personal care products are highly valued as promotional gifts. People are more and more concerned about their external appearance and personal hygiene. Some of our products are very practical to take with you on a trip or in your handbag. We have personal care items for men, women and children.

Personal care gifts with your logo

In this section you can choose from a large selection of items dedicated to beauty and personal cosmetics, of which each has the option to be customized with your company's brand logo. If you own a cosmetic company, beauty and relaxation salon, and you are thinking of increasing the visibility of your brand, in Garrampa we show you the best gifts to give to your most loyal customers. They are ideal for daily use and for use outside the home, both in everyday life and on trips.

Personal care products to give away

We have collected a wide variety of folding mirrors to be able to use them on vacation trips or as a folding object easy to carry, lipsticks with cocoa for lip dehydrations, as well as lipstick sticks as a cosmetic item, small cologne vaporizers for easy transport, folding combs with prongs in circular and rectangular format for you to choose the one that best suits your rhythm of life. The entire selection of items is fully customizable.