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Choose from our assortment of elegant writing sets with ballpoint pen, fountain pen, mechanical pencil, key ring and much more, a luxury gift for your customers! Personalized writing sets are composed of elegant cases that usually contain a pen (ballpoint or roller), a pencil, but sometimes contain other objects such as key rings. In this section you will find different models of these personalized writing sets, from the simplest to the most elegant, according to your budget. Obviously both the box and the elements inside can be personalized with your company logo or advertising message, for greater visibility of your brand, so that the customer remembers who gave him this nice gift. Undoubtedly, personalized writing sets are unexpected promotional gifts, but very appreciated for their elegance and distinction, ideal for exclusive promotions for loyal customers.

Writing sets with gift box or case

Opt for the most elegant writing sets, a top of the line gift especially for executives and top clients. Our sets consist of a delicate pencil case, ballpoint pen or fountain pen, plus mechanical pencil, pen or key ring. They are available in all price ranges, suitable for the most formal and informal occasions, with the possibility of being personalized both on the case and on the pen itself.

Promotional writing sets to give as gifts

Opt for recycled items, the new trend that takes care of the environment while using the latest materials, such as bamboo. In Garrampa we only work with top brands, so we have exclusive pens, pens and writing sets of Balmain or Antonio Miro, a detail of true luxury at factory prices. Take advantage of our sets and combine writing, modernity and utility in the same pack, a gift tailored to the most demanding!

Frequently asked questions about Writing set

What kind of writing sets do you have?

In our collection you can find different writing sets for companies that vary in price, composition and materials. From the point of view of content, all are composed of a pen that is accompanied by one or more accessories, such as a ballpoint pen, a mechanical pencil, a key ring, a wallet or a card holder, within a nice case that some cases can be customized. In terms of price we have simple but effective economical writing sets ideal for large scale distribution, to the most refined high quality sets with an attractive design for executives or very important clients. Finally you can choose from our sets. According to the material: in addition to the classic promotional sets in plastic and metal, you will also find an ecological variant in bamboo wood or cork for those companies that want to convey an image more in line with nature or environmentally friendly.

How do you customize corporate writing sets?

First of all you have to choose what you want to customize as it is possible to customize one or all of the accessories that make up the set, including the case. Our website will allow you to calculate the price for a single stand, if you want to customize more elements, just send an email with your request and we will send you a quote prepared according to your needs. As for the printing techniques, you have at your disposal the classic screen printing or pad printing, which allows the use of 1 to 4 spot colors, and the refined laser engraving, ideal for metal and wood objects. The cork set can be customized in basorielivo for a truly spectacular effect.