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Coloring paints and advertising crayons set to stamp with your logo Get ready for back to school! Crayons personalized with your company logo are a very popular promotional giveaway at trade shows and conventions, as they are inexpensive and highly appreciated by customers (as they are a product they will be able to give to their children as a gift). In our collection of personalized crayons you will find from basic models with a few colors contained in cardboard boxes (some also have sharpeners) to sets containing many more colors, to be used as corporate merchandising. All crayon boxes can be customized with your logo or with the image you want to adapt to your advertising campaign. Choose the model you like and we will customize it for you at the best price.

Pens and crayons for coloring an ideal corporate gift

One of the best ways for children to give free rein to their imagination is by coloring their creative drawings, and what better way than with a set of coloring paints with your logo on the cover. These coloring sets will delight the little ones and the most artistic customers. They can be used as gifts for fairs and events, as gifts for children, and many other situations.

Coloring paints printed with your brand name

Like the rest of the items dedicated to writing, coloring paints are one of the favorite gifts for your customers' children, with which you will have an accomplice gesture with the children and you will please the parents. We have a set of wooden coloring paints, wax paints, colored markers for the little ones, permanent markers for office use, and a set of colored paints with sharpeners, rulers and cases of various shapes.

Frequently asked questions about Coloring paints

Why give personalized crayons and highlighters as gifts?

All children love to color, but not only them! For this reason, personalized crayon boxes are an appreciated corporate gift for young and old alike. When you give personalized crayons as a corporate gift, you are not only donating simple wooden sticks with colored pigments, but you are making a happy child who will have fun drawing with his or her personalized crayons. A happy child is a happy parent who will remember your company when they have to buy the kind of products you sell.

How do we customize your promotional crayons?

All our printing techniques guarantee durability and resistance so that your logo will not fade or disappear with the use of the promotional item. Crayons and colored pencils can be customized, only on the boxes in which they are contained, with silkscreen or digital printing depending on the type of box.