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From Garrampa, we propose all these custom speakers for all types of customers, on which you can print your company logo or your favorite design. And we know that everyone likes to enjoy their favorite band or singer. And what's better than doing it out loud and sharing it with your closest circle. Discover these top gifts for congresses, available in different colors: yellow, white, red, blue, gray, black, pink or green, among others. In addition, we have very fun and super functional models, advertising speakers that are much more than a bluetooth speaker. Find them in this section as: keychain, antique radio, glasses, lamp or with USB charging. We also have examples to hang, mushroom-shaped, for the shower or to carry in the car window (thanks to its suction cups). In addition, our advertising speakers are made of different materials. It is worth mentioning our eco line in bamboo or our silicone speakers.

Mini desktop speaker for cell phones

Undoubtedly, music is a great advertising claim. It is part of our daily life and it is a way to make the public feel identified. Therefore, giving personalized mini speakers for cell phones is an incredible gift, with which you will succeed among customers, suppliers and employees.If you are looking for a way to make them all feel loyal, give personalized speakers for companies is a sensational idea. They will associate the good feeling of music with your brand.Check out all our models and find your mini desktop speakerphone for mobile. Mark your design and improve the branding of your company Enter the Garrampa website.

Cheap advertising loudspeakers to give as gifts

Our customized speakers are not only intended for companies, but also for all kinds of events. Find in Garrampa a whole range of possibilities regarding speakers, and much more! We are your online personalized merchandising store.Check out our offer in bluetooth speaker to give as a gift, available in different sizes, colors and types of connections. A personalized speakerphone is the best corporate gift, but also for family social events. Imagine giving your wedding guests one of our customizable speakers: you will leave them speechless. Similarly, our mini speakers are very easy to transport, so they will be the perfect ally for travel, camping or festivals.Discover these personalized gifts on the Garrampa website. We have all kinds of promotional speakers: for those who don't want cables, we have a whole line of personalized Bluetooth speakers.