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Customized anti-stress balls are the most popular office gifts that clients and employees love, as they can be held in their hands or thrown against the wall, without breaking them, while thinking about how to solve a problem. This is a very nice and fun personalized anti-stress gift that you can easily customize on our website, or by requesting our help. You just have to choose the model between the classic PU balls to those with more particular shapes such as cloud or heart or light bulb, and give them to the next fair.

Anti-stress balls to give as a gift to clients

Are you one of those who constantly play with something in your hands? Many of us play without realizing it with a pen, drawing scribbles on a piece of paper, etc. If so, you are not alone: many of us relax and even work better with an object at hand to reduce our nervous behavior. At Garrampa we customize anti-stress balls, the famous foam rubber balls, ideal to release pressure and to have at hand on your desk.

Anti-stress balls screen-printed with your design

Anti-stress balls are a very eye-catching little entertainment, and are an excellent option to give away at events and fairs or to hand out among our work team. Their health benefits are more than proven, as they focus attention and relax at the same time. They are economical, and can be customized in the form of key chains as well as singular objects: houses, hearts, cubes, light bulbs... surely there is a motif related to your business, don't miss our complete catalog!

Frequently asked questions about Anti-stress balls

Why buy promotional stress balls?

Few promotional items have the eye-catching impact, widespread use or sheer number of possibilities of promotional stress balls. Many people call them stress relievers, since a ball is just one of many shapes available, but at Garrampa we're traditionalists, so we'll refer to them as stress balls, regardless of what shape they take.Stress balls, which are made by injecting closed-cell liquid polyurethane into a mold and letting it foam, are as common on desks and cubicles as pens and staplers. Not only are they good for stress relief, but they have even been touted as an excellent tool to counteract the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome (although we recommend medical attention if you feel the effects of carpal tunnel), as well as a great way to exercise your hands, fingers, wrists and forearms for golfing or playing guitar.

What kind of stress balls to personalize do you have?

The most important thing to consider when choosing promotional stress balls for your clients or employees is how it will look on a desk. As we often say, a promotional item that sits in a drawer isn't doing its job for you, so to maintain the kind of visibility and get the number of impressions you want, your promotional stress ball should be something your customer wants to keep in sight. Are you targeting educators of young children? Then whimsical and playful is best. cubicle workers? We love toys and distractions. Maybe your clientele is more executive, but could still benefit from a little stress relief. Several stress balls of all categories are suitable for inclusion in an unobtrusive decor (we recommend musical stress balls).

How much to buy of personalized stress balls?

Another consideration should be the quantity of the order. Promotional stress balls are relatively inexpensive, with an excellent return on investment, but the nature of manufacturing and printing three-dimensional items with multiple print areas and often intricate molding requires a minimum quantity of between 25 and 100, depending on the item. This, in turn, means that minimum order costs for promotional stress balls often catch customers off guard. Stress balls are a very effective item, but you'll want to make sure your campaign (and your campaign budget) can support at least 25 stress balls to give away.

Are stress balls safe for children?

While all of our stress balls - like every other product we carry - undergo rigorous safety testing, we do not recommend giving stress balls to children under the age of 3 because of the choking hazard they pose. If you are looking for a product to give to young children, please contact us so we can help you find a suitable item for your needs.

What are the advantages of giving personalized stress balls as a gift?

Promotional anti-stress balls are a gift idea that guarantees you daily and long-lasting publicity. Moreover, thanks to a wide range of available shapes and colors, these anti-stress items are very useful gifts for your customers, collaborators or suppliers to help them get rid of accumulated stress. Our team of experts is at your complete disposal to help you choose the best customizable stress reliever with logo. Create the perfect corporate gift for your advertisement.

What are the possible printing techniques for personalized stress balls?

The most suitable printing technique for the customization of your stress reliever is pad printing. Since these are small promotional items made of soft materials, over time we have been able to identify pad printing as the optimal customization technique for printing your company logo. Thanks also to the use of excellent inks, we will create a High Quality print for your personalized stress reliever.