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Personalized travel bags and wholesale tote bags that we tailor to fit the needs of any type of travel.Personalized sports bags and travel bags, such as trolleys, suitcases, toiletry bags, fanny packs and thermal bags, are very effective promotional items for advertising. When your employees or customers use them, carrying them over their shoulder or dragging them by the handle, your brand exposure will be maximized because anyone will be able to see your logo on them. Customized travel bags are particularly popular among companies in the tourism sector, while sports bags are recommended for gyms and sports clubs, for companies working in the sports sector in general and for companies that promote healthy living.

Flexible travel bags with or without wheels

In this section we offer a wide range of travel bags and wholesale bags, with which you can carry all your belongings in a personalized way, stamping your brand and logo. We have a wide variety of types of travel bags, with handles, with straps for hanging, folding, rigid, and of different qualities and brands. We give the opportunity to offer a range of high quality handbags, through the brand Balmain as a premium wholesale supplier.

Travel bags with handles, pockets and zippers

For a quality and comfortable trip we offer travel bags customized to your needs, with wheels, leather, synthetic leather, with elements of the bags themselves that will make the transport of your personal belongings easier. We also have large capacity travel bags, for long stay trips such as summer vacations or long weekends. It is an article of great visible reach at advertising level, since everybody will be exposed to see the personalized bag that you carry.

Frequently asked questions about Personalized travel bag

What are the advantages of personalized travel bags?

If you want flexibility, custom travel bags are the way to go. Custom travel bags are more common than hard bags, especially for carry-on luggage, and are easier to squeeze into narrow overhead bins. These custom travel bags can also absorb shock better than their molded counterparts. These custom travel bags are lightweight - generally lighter than rigid ones - making them easier to stuff into overhead bins and the like. Be picky about fabrics, however. Look for a bag made of ballistic nylon (or other tough nylon), which offers the best protection against wear and tear. And make sure the fabric is waterproof and stain-proof.Custom travel bags are available in a variety of models; for example, you can buy a carry-on suitcase with a zippered backpack attachment, or a duffel bag that can be strapped to your back or wheeled through the airport.If you like to have outside pockets to hold items like a book or your clear plastic bag for liquids and gels, you're much more likely to find them in a soft suitcase. Custom travel bags also usually have a single large interior compartment, with the front of the suitcase acting as a sort of lid, whereas most hard bags are designed in a clamshell shape, with two equal halves that fold together.

What is the best color for personalized travel bags?

Custom travel bags are available in just about every color and design imaginable, from metallic solids to leopard print. Classic black tends to get the least wear and tear, but it's also the most common color for travel bags, as evidenced by the endless sea of black suitcases that pass through the baggage carousel after almost every flight. Choosing a brighter color for your checked bag will make it much easier to spot.

What size of personalized travel bag do I need?

Check the websites of the airlines you fly most frequently to learn about the size of travel bags you can check or carry on board, and keep in mind that many airlines have different size requirements for international and domestic flights. If your new travel bag exceeds the limits of the airline's size restrictions, you'll have to deal with the consequences (read: fees). The Goldilocks principle sums up what you want in a travel bag: a travel bag that is neither too big nor too small, but just right (for you).

What additional features should I consider when purchasing custom travel bags?

Compare the different interiors and exteriors of custom travel bags to see what fits your style. Plenty of compartments and pockets are ideal for super-organized packers, and features like a waterproof plastic bag can hold wet bathing suits or leaky shampoo bottles. Think about where and how you travel and what you typically pack when considering these suitcase features.HandlesLook for a sturdy handle that is comfortable and ergonomically designed. A handle system integrated into the interior of the suitcase is best, as the handle is protected from damage. Test the handle: Extend it to its full length, make sure it locks (and stays locked) and give the bag a spin. If the custom travel bag pokes you in the back of the legs, it means the handle isn't long enough for your height. Custom travel bags with a detachable clip, a looped clip at the top of the suitcase near the handle, allow you to attach a second suitcase to a larger one. When you pick up the checked custom travel bag, clip on your carry-on or personal item and your hand is free.ZippersThe larger and stronger the zipper, the longer it will last and the better it will withstand the abuse of travel. Choose a metal zipper rather than a plastic one, and look for self-repairing zippers, which are so named because, in the event of a snag in the zipper teeth, pulling it down and over the snag fixes the problem and reseals the teeth.