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Our cheap personalized string backpacks are highly recommended for the summer months, as they are very lightweight and breathable too. Discover the entire list of backpacks type backpacks, we have in Garrampa. Our advertising string backpacks are very economical and are available in all kinds of bright colors: pink, green, yellow, blue, red ... In addition, we have children's models. In fact, here you can find a child's string backpack for girls or boys, in which they will be able to paint, while taking their lunch to school. On the other hand, it should be noted that our original string backpacks are also a merchandising item widely used by companies and organizations: teams, gyms, offices, stores, bars ... who do you identify with? Customizing rope backpacks is very easy with Garrampa: our backpacks are screen-printed or embroidered with your logo or design. Find in this section your rope backpack for men, women or children.

Promotional fabric backpacks with your logo

At Garrampa we have all kinds of string backpacks for women, men or for the little ones of the house. This type of cheap personalized backpacks or advertising backpacks stand out for their versatility, they are very practical and usable for any occasion. And, in addition to taking up very little space, they are very light and are also available in a variety of colors and styles. Therefore, from Garrampa we know that this type of custom fabric backpacks are great for printing the design of your logo or brand. Or also to create memories with friends and family.Our backpacks are hung on the back, through two handles and will allow you to store objects in all kinds of occasions: travel, shopping, work, bachelor parties, parties, gym ... whatever you want! Therefore, we invite you to take a look at Garrampa's online store and discover which model of advertising drawstring backpack or backpack you want to customize: rope backpacks, backpacks with pockets, leather backpacks, folding backpacks, sack-type backpacks...

Custom screen printed backpack bags

For young and old, our personalized string backpacks and advertising backpacks are an ideal complement for any age. Take with you the things for the beach and the pool, the snack and the toys for your little one or the kit for an excursion, you decide! At Garrampa we have customized backpacks in screen printing, We use this printing technique, as it is economical and allows us to print large quantities of items. Thus, we have models in different colors, which are very easy to customize. You only have to share with us the logo or design (depending on whether you are a company or a club, for example) and we will recommend the best support and printing technique, such as screen printing, so now you know, if you have any questions, the Garrampa team is here to solve them! Don't think twice and customize one of our mats, an excellent gift idea for events, since they don't take up any space and attendees can collect flyers and other objects inside them.

Frequently asked questions about Personalized rope backpack

How to choose the right size for the advertising string backpack?

Also, if you want to choose the size of your cheap personalized sack backpack, you should know the size of the largest product you want to put in your drawstring backpack. As a rule of thumb, you'll want to add at least 0.5 inches up to 2.0 inches larger than the largest items you want to carry. This will give you enough room to stuff your stuff in without feeling limited. The same goes for the length of the drawstring bag: you should have at least 3 inches of room to maneuver with your stuff. Start measuring larger items and buy a bag that is two inches or more longer than your item. On the other hand, to decide on the most optimal drawstring length, we explain that the sizes of the drawstrings are standard and you will have to do some maneuvering to shorten them. You can get a general idea of the length you want the drawstring to be by measuring the length of your torso and comparing it to the length of the drawstring.

How is the string backpack different from a traditional bag?

There are several key differences between traditional bags and drawstring backpacks or bags, at Garrampa we tell you about them:Accessibility: A drawstring backpack is very accessible and you just pull the top of the backpack to open it and pull the drawstring to secure it. Regular bags have a multitude of zippers and closures that can make them difficult to access in an emergency. Compartments: A drawstring backpack has one main compartment. This makes it easier to find what you're looking for, as you won't have to search through multiple compartments like a traditional bag. Customization: Most traditional backpacks can't be customized, but with a drawstring backpack they can. You can have it made with a special logo, color or monogram. Mobility: A drawstring backpack is easy to pick up and carry, and its smaller size makes it more portable. A traditional bag is usually bulkier and more difficult to carry for extended periods.Security:You know your drawstring backpack is secure because it zips securely at the top of the bag. A traditional bag has multiple zippers, and the chance of something falling out is higher. Space saving: Traditional bags are usually bulkier and take up more space. A drawstring backpack usually lays flat, and can fit into a smaller space.

How to customize string backpacks?

There are dozens of ways to customize your drawstring backpack. And with Garrampa you can now customize your drawstring backpack online , as it's super easy, with just one click! You can choose different colors, fabrics, logos and even print names on your bag. This way, different sports teams, brands and universities have personalized drawstring backpacks, which you can buy to show your pride for your school or your team.

On what occasions to use a customized string backpack?

You can employ one of our cheap personalized drawstring backpacks for all kinds of occasions. From birthday parties, to events for a college campus; to all kinds of school celebrations. Our personalized string backpacks or advertising backpacks are perfect as giveaways, as they are very sturdy and customizable.Also, for charity events they are a very popular item. They can be given to guests, while promoting the association or non-profit organization.Thus, an advertising drawstring backpack is also a popular accessory for fundraisers and promotional events. Everyone needs a backpack and if it has a charitable purpose, so much the better.On the other hand, they are super practical when traveling. A drawstring backpack is a practical way to store all your essentials. Lightweight and small, so they're a cinch to carry on the plane. Finally, cord backpacks are also a very useful tool for military personnel. In different sizes, with Garrampa's customized backpacks you can store all kinds of objects and they are very durable.

What materials are used to make custom drawstring backpacks?

For our advertising rope backpacks, we use different materials. Discover them below. Burlap: a strong and easy to care for material, with which the canvas backpacks are made. Burlap is an eco-friendly raw material and easy to customize. Cotton: Very stretchy and strong, it is a popular raw material for creating custom canvas backpacks. Canvas: Flexible, easy to customize and very economical; canvas is gaining popularity for creating cheap custom backpacks. Mesh: Very inexpensive, lightweight and breathable; mesh is for backpacks that are for indoor use. Nylon: Another very popular material for drawstring backpacks. This material slippery and is more resistant to stains. Polyester: Durable and fade resistant fabric. It can be washed and dried at low temperature.

How to clean, wash or care for personalized string backpacks?

Most of the materials that make up our custom string backpacks allow these to be machine washable, making them easy to care for. Cotton, nylon and canvas are some examples of materials we use. First step:First of all, if your custom backpack bag is made of nylon or other synthetic fabric, you will have to wash it in hot water. On the other hand, natural fabrics and canvas will be washed in cold water. Also, if you wish, you can use stain remover beforehand.Second step: We recommend that you put your personalized backpack in a lingerie bag, so that the drawstrings of the backpack get caught or rolled up in another article of clothing, during washing.Third step: Put the lingerie bag in the washing machine with a load of colored clothes. You may also use the dryer and iron.Fourth step: When your bag has finished drying, remove it from the dryer and lingerie bag. Shake your bag to remove any wrinkles that may have formed during drying.