Personalized multi-pocket vests

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Assortment of padded advertising vests, with and without pockets, to customize with your advertising logo.

Vests with silkscreen printing

Customized vests against the cold, one of the most fashionable alternatives to maintain body temperature in the mountains, outdoors and competitive sports. Due to their comfort and convenience, they allow you freedom of movement, giving you a touch of distinction. We have more casual garments and other elegant ones, special for branding on the chest with your logo or your brand on contrasting colors, such as black and intense blue.

Warm vests embroidered with your logo

Our vests can also be used as part of the uniform in the company, especially for outdoor work or in large warehouses, as they insulate the trunk with their waterproof and soft fabric. If you are looking for a uniform or to create group membership among your employees or customers, get a customized vest or embroidered with your logo, also available with hood and various pockets, to carry small objects or resist more intense climates.

Frequently asked questions about Vests

Why buy personalized vests at Garrampa?

Garrampa is a supplier of vests that can be customized with logo or text at low prices. We do cheap advertising printing. Garrampa offers you the possibility to buy cheap custom vests in small or large quantities:For companies, craftsmen, traders.for associations, sports clubs, schools.for communities, works councils. For many years, Garrampa has been customizing vests in embroidery, screen printing, cheap custom sleeveless vests direct from the factory.Garrampa has a highly qualified and trained production team, which allows us to control costs, quality and delivery times of custom bodies. That's why thousands of customers trust Garrampa to order cheap custom sleeveless vests.

How to choose a personalized vest?

In order to choose your custom sleeveless vest, Garrampa invites you to analyze your needs and to ask yourself some questions before placing your order. How to order a customized vest for an event? To make a gift? Personalized vests are high-end corporate garments. Garrampa offers you professional vests, softshell vests, waterproof vests, with or without fleece lining, multi-pocket vests, for companies, associations and schools. We propose you to discover a complete range of vests for men, women and children, available in a wide range of cuts, colors and sizes starting from 5 pieces. To make your choice you have at your disposal a collection of personalized vests at discount prices, quote and order online.

What marking to choose for your embroidered vest, screen printed...?

To choose the customization of a vest, Garrampa invites you to select the type of marking depending on the desired marking, and to choose the marking of the vest, embroidery or screen printing, define the type of marking with a logo or text, and decide the number of colors to be printed, in monochrome or four-color printing? Garrampa offers you different types of customization for the vest. Embroidery is a high-end customization technique, screen printing is the recommended option because of its low cost, transfer for small quantities, digital transfer for four-color printing, all these questions will allow you to define your budget for the purchase of a customized vest.

What is the delivery time for a customized sleeveless vest?

Garrampa offers a wide selection of custom vests at discount prices, cheap custom vests that we deliver quickly. Our standard lead time is 10 - 11 working days from the confirmation of the virtual sample. It is possible, if your clothing need is urgent, to order customized advertising vests in fast delivery.