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Sofa, movie and one of our cheap original personalized blankets are the perfect plan for those cold Sundays. And is that in Garrampa's online store we have all kinds of cheap personalized blankets, where you can embroider your logo or custom design. A gift of maximum quality and very demanded in the autumn-winter season, as it is super useful and practical. Garrampa's promotional blankets are ideal for events or marketing campaigns of all kinds, as we have a wide selection of personalized fleece blankets, thermal blankets or even personalized baby blankets. In this category, you will find all kinds of personalized embroidered blankets such as baby blankets or travel blankets, some with handles included. In white, brown, black, gray, orange, red, blue, green or pink... Choose your original cheap personalized baby blanket at Garrampa now!

Promotional fleece blankets to give as gifts

The advertising blankets are perfect for the winter, ideal to have always near the sofa or to tuck the little ones in a long car trip. For this reason, at Garrampa also has a whole line of personalized children's blankets, in which the blanket is accompanied by a stuffed animal. Happy and very warm, that's how the little one will be when he has his blanket! But not only boys and girls will be happy with these cheap original personalized blankets, not at all! Our custom sofa blankets are a great product to give as a gift to partners and suppliers. For example, in the logistics sector, carriers will appreciate having a custom blanket like ours. On the other hand, as our personalized blankets with fleece are so soft and practical, they are also an ideal corporate gift to give to your employees. Add one of our personalized blankets with phrases in the Christmas basket! And, of course, the original cheap personalized blankets are perfect as a gift to customers and future customers. The quintessential means to obtain customer loyalty and, consequently, an investment to obtain an increase in sales. Therefore, whatever your establishment (clothing, furniture or sports store, for example), give one of our cheap original personalized blankets with the logo of your company.

Screen printed travel blankets wholesale

Garrampa's personalized blankets are true multipurpose blankets, as many of them have built-in handles for carrying or even cloth bags. Therefore, our customizable blankets are ideal as tablecloths for an outdoor meal or for long airplane trips; in fact, more and more airlines and railway companies are choosing to customize blankets and offer them to their passengers. Likewise, for hotels, hostels, guesthouses, hostels, tourist apartments... the original Garrampa cheap personalized blankets are essential. Below, do not miss all these customizable blankets, made of wool, polyester, flannel or fleece.