Madras 140 g/m² cotton tote bag 7L

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Reference: 37120181

Material: Cotton 140 g/m2

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Technical Details
DescriptionThe Madras tote bag is the perfect bag to give away during any event, conference or to use as a shopping bag for small groceries. The cotton density of 140 g/m² cotton makes the bag sturdy, long-lasting and suitable to carry heavy items in the main compartment. With the 30 cm long shoulder handles this tote bag is easy to carry around. Made in India and OEKO-Tex certified. Resistance up to 5kg weight.
NameMadras 140 g/m² cotton tote bag 7L
38 x x 42 - 59
MaterialCotton 140 g/m2
Box sizes30cm x 51cm x 46cm 15.00 Kg